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Just a quick post to say that after years of saying ill never get it, I finally got twitter. I know, I have officially conformed to the world of social media. However, I felt it was necessary to help grow my blog and share my posts (and random thoughts) so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! I would love to follow all of my blogging friends on twitter so leave your twitter names in the comments and ill head over and follow your accounts! Leave me any of your others socials and ill go check them out! xox

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Travel Diaries- Brighton|A Vlog And Blog!

Hello all! I thought it would be nice to film snippets of my trip to Brighton this weekend! It was a birthday present from my boyfriend for my 21st back in April, to go and see my favourite band The Staves perform and to stay overnight and explore Brighton as I have always wanted to go and its only a 2 hour drive from where I live! I am still so nervous in front of the camera but I am making progress! Here is the vlog and you can continue reading for pictures and more details!

So the whole point of going to Brighton was to see my favourite band, The Staves. They were so incredible live, so talented and I was lucky to be in the front row. The act before them called Mikaela Davis was equally amazing. She is such a talented musician- here are some links to their music!

After we went to the concert, it was nearing midnight so we grabbed some takeaway italian food and headed back to our hotel to eat (finally!). Our hotel was beyond amazing as you can see in my vlog, and the bed was so comfortable. I would have happily slept all day if I didn’t have so much to do!


The following day, we explored Brighton and went to the pier, sea life center and also relaxed on the beach. It was such a blissful day and a lovely change of scenery! My boyfriend completely spoiled me and I had such an amazing time! If you are not from England, then you may or may not be aware of the fact that having clear, sunny days its not very common! It was such a hot, beautiful sunny day which was such a treat considering it was supposed to be cloudy and not as hot.



Thank you to my incredible boyfriend who never fails to make me feel like an absolute princess. I had such a wonderful time and seeing my favourite band was so surreal! I hope you guys enjoy my vlog and this post! I highly recommend you visit Brighton, it truly is beautiful. See you soon!

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A Vintage Car And Bike Festival- Photo Gallery!

On Sunday, I went to a live music, vintage car and bike festival. I adore vintage cars and bikes so I had a lot of fun walking around and looking at them all! Here are a few pictures and videos of my favourite ones!

Slideshow Of Photos

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A Beautiful Day Out At A Mansion: Waddesdon Manor (with vlog and pictures!)

Hey beautiful people! Sorry for my lack of posts for this week- I wanted to put together an extra special one which requires a bit more time to it, so I created this little vlog of my day out at Waddesdon Manor! I have also included some photos as well. I really hope you like it! If you can, please drop a like on my video or subscribe to my Youtube Channel! It would mean so much! Now for the post… xox


Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor is a beautiful property, looked after by the wonderful National Trust, of which I have been a member of my entire life.  Located in Buckinghamshire (my home!), Waddesdon was built in the style of a French château for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to entertain fashionable guests. It sure is a very grand site to behold!

As a member of the national trust, you can visit properties like this all over the UK! If you are below 26 like me, it only costs £32 for the year and all that money goes toward conserving architecture, land, beaches, you name it! We toured the gardens and house and enjoyed cream tea in the cafe.

Facts About Waddesdon!


Waddesdon In The  Making!

  • Waddesdon was completed in 1883
  • Ferdinand put in a small passenger lift for Queen Victoria’s visit in 1890 (on view in the Powerhouse), but she declined to ride in it, not trusting in the magic of electricity.
  • Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild wanted an estate where he could escape London in the summer months to entertain family and friends for weekend house parties- a rather extravagant holiday home don’t you think?
  • Very little changed in the house, until the Second World War when the rooms were emptied to accommodate 100 children evacuated from London, the first and only time that children lived in the house.
  • Waddesdon was only used on summer weekends to entertain Baron Ferdinand’s friends and family
  • As you can see in my vlog, The mirrors and marble of the Dining Room evoke a mini Versailles. The richly decorated table is set for a party of 24, just as it was in his day.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! For more info, head over to and for more pictures you can check out my instagram here! Until next time.. xox

May Blogging Recap And Highlights- Thank You So Much

Hey darlings!

This is a new segment I am adding to my blog because it is a great way for me to track my progress and see what I have achieved each month! I feel like this would be a great thing for bloggers to do, especially fairly newish ones like me so we can see how we are growing, how we can improve and how we can celebrate our blogging successes!

In the spirit of helping new blogs grow, for the first week of June, I will be following every single account who follows me. Let’s show each other some support!

In the month of May I welcomed 98 new followers to my blog and I am not far off hitting 200 followers now!! This may not sound like very much to some, but for me this is pretty cool and very flattering as the majority of what I posted about in May was to do with my personal health problems and surgery that I had. I have been overwhelmed by the support that this wonderful community has given me through a time where I needed it most. Whilst I love blogging about health/beauty/vintage fashion/lifestyle/travel and nail art, it is very lovely to know that the majority of my followers have actually come to my blog at a time where I was not well enough to even be doing those kind of posts and was simply talking about my personal life. To know people actually care is such a lovely thing and something I feel is so unique to the WordPress community. You guys are really quite special and I am so grateful to every single one of you who takes the time to leave me comments, like my posts, contact me and follow my blog. It motivates me to keep my little blog going.


Blogging Highlights!

Plans For June

Work On My Youtube Channel

I enjoy making videos as much as I do writing. It is footage I can look back on and enjoy for when I want to remember things and see how I felt and what I was doing in a particular moment. I am doing lots of exciting things this month which I will 110% be videoing for my channel! I really want to learn to edit and learn more about making content as I really do enjoy it and find it really satisfying.

Make More Vintage Beauty Posts

I have recently been teaching myself lots of makeup looks and hair looks in the 40s and 50s style so that I can recreate them here on my blog for you guys! I also want to do more fashion posts so that I can become more comfortable in front of the camera and also just more confident in general! I adore vintage beauty and I want to make it a core part of my blog as it is a core part of who I am,

Find More Blogs To Follow!

I am definitely not following enough blogs and I really want to find some more that I will enjoy! Feel free to link your blog in the comments below, as I would love to check it out! I have a lot of free time right now and I really want to work on getting more involved with other bloggers and supporting one another!

Thank you for everyone who joined my blog last month, I look forward to seeing where June takes me. See you all soon, bye! xox


Staffield Hall- Luxury Lake District Countryside Retreat For Couples

Back in February, my boyfriend went away around Valentine’s Day to the Lake District. I realised that I never posted about the gorgeous manor house we stayed in, so I thought I would do that today! I know… a bit late. But, it’s worth the blog post!

Staffield Hall is a venue of eight Luxury Self Catering Lake District Apartments. They are fully modernised to provide you with all of your comforts in a beautiful setting. Based in the Eden Valley in Cumbria, you will need to be able to drive to get to this location as it truly is in the middle of nowhere. Do not be put off, as Carlisle and Penrith and also Hadrian’s Wall, the Northern Pennines, the western fringe of the Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish Borders are all a short drive away (took us 30-45 minutes on average to reach many places) and there is a local village which is a short walk away that has a shop and some pubs.

My boyfriend and I did not plan to stay in our accommodation the whole time, as it was a very active holiday and we went to explore the beauty of the Lake District, but we could easily have stayed in our accommodation because it was that lovely and serene.


We stayed in the “Lady Tower” apartment at the top of a grand staircase, named in honour of Lady Jane Aglionby, the beautiful bride for whom the Hall was built. This 5 star luxury apartment compromises of  an entrance hall, lounge/dining room, bathroom and bedroom with standard double bed all located in the tower of Staffield Hall.


The Lounge

The lounge was truly beautiful and homely. It had a massive west facing triple arched window which gave beautiful views of the rolling countryside and was a lovely place to sit and eat breakfast or eat dinner as the sun went down. My boyfriend made me a lovely vegetarian friendly spagbol for dinner on valentines day (my fave meal) with some amazing red wine. It was delightful.



The Bedroom


The bedroom was really old fashioned and quaint which I really liked. It had a large double bed, large wardrobe, vanity and bedside drawers along with large windows, making the room quite light and airy. It was a lot bigger than I expected it to be and I slept like a baby.

The Bathroom

The bathroom had a Bio Jet spa bath and power shower which was really relaxing and lovely. The water took a while to heat up which was a bit frustrating, but once it did actually heat up, it was worth the wait. It is exactly what we needed after spending all day walking and climbing around the Lake  District.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was very modern and had everything you could need, including cutlery, pans, cups, plates and even a dishwasher which was an added bonus. It also came with cleaning products which was fantastic as we didn’t need to worry about getting little bits like dishwasher cubes and liquid.

On arrival there was tea and biscuits and a small amount of milk so that we could have a drink and relax the moment we got in! I enjoyed this very much whilst flicking through the handy welcome manual.



Staffield Hall was pure luxury and the perfect location for exploring many parts of the Lake District. In three short days we managed to go to so many places, but I would recommend a good 7 days to fully appreciate the wonderful lake district. Staffield Hall is ideal for short getaways so if you are planning to come for a week, I would recommend going somewhere a bit close in to town as we did have to drive an awful lot. Also,  Staffield is luxury accommodation, so it is on the pricier side and is only worth going to if you plan to be in the accommodation enough to appreciate it.

It was my boyfriend and I’s first holiday together and a memorable one of that! Later this year we are going to Majorca for 10 days, so I will 100% be blogging the trip. We are also going to seaside town Brighton soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Travelling!

Love Elizabeth xox



We climbed a mountain! Via Ferrata Xtreme at Honister Slate Mine February 2017

Today’s travel post will be taking you to the Via Ferrata Xtreme at Honister Slate Mine- The Lake District UK. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get the chance to climb a mountain whilst on holiday this month and it was one of the best experiences of my life as of yet. If you have a fear of heights, this blog post is not for you!  

A bit of history for you: Honister Slate Mine and Fleetwith Pike

Honister Slate Mine in Cumbria is the last working slate mine in England! How amazing is that?! Quarrying for Westmorland green slate that is over 450 million years old has been taking place in the area since 1728 and you can buy some of these beautiful slate products in the shop on site. Apart from the mining, it is also a popular tourist attraction in the Lake District National Park and for very good reason. Not only are the views incredibly stunning, but attractions around the mine are suitable for all ages and include a visitor centre, underground tours of the workings in the mine, and England’s first via ferrata, where participants use a safety harness to scale a cliff path.

If seeing a working mine is not amazing enough, there is also Fleetwith pike. Fleetwith Pike is a fell in the English Lake District in the county of Cumbria which reaches a height of 648 metres (2,126 feet). The fell casts an imposing presence over Buttermere and the Honister Pass and is superbly captivating and awe inspiring, truly a treasure of the English countryside and a perfect photo opportunity once you reach the summit.


What does Via Ferrata mean?

Via Ferrata is a mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables, and bridges in order to be accessible to climbers and walkers. This one in particularly uses the original Miners track up the steep outer incline of Fleetwith Pike and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. At Honister, you can do the Via Ferrata Classic route which is suitable for most ages and levels of fitness and is not as demanding or challenging as the Via Ferrata Xtreme or if you are a little bit crazy like my boyfriend and I and have a good level of fitness, you can do the Via Ferrata Xtreme which has much more mountain edge exposure, vertical climbs, cliff edge ladders, plus a Burma Bridge & Cargo Net crossing that reaches the summit of Fleetwith pike. To give you some perspective of how high you are climbing, it is roughly 7 x higher than Big Ben and 2 x higher than ‘The Shard’ in London. Cars look tiny and people look like little ants. This course will take you 3 to 3 and a half hours to complete which is entirely dependent on things such as your fitness level and also weather conditions.


Our Experience and advice for your climb

8.00 am: My boyfriend and I arrived at Honister Slate mine at around 8.00am, an hour before our climb was to begin. We were greeted by a group of strangers who were to complete the climb with us and also our tour guide and climbing instructor who would be leading us the whole way. We drank gorgeous rich hot chocolates and contemplated our life decisions while we filled in our risk assessment forms.

9.00 am: We then were taken in to a room full of safety and climbing equipment and were shown how to put on our safety harnesses and how to use our safety clips when climbing. I felt completely safe and reassured thanks to our fantastic instructor who was very down to earth and knowledgeable and due to the fact we were with a fantastic group of people who were all as equally excited and nervous but ultimately raring to go. After being checked over and approved, we headed to the bus that would take us part way up the mountain to begin our climb.

9.30ish am: After a slightly hair raising bus ride on a rather narrow and steep path up a mountain with a big old drop either side to enjoy looking at, we were now at an iron ladder on a cliff edge where we would climb down to start off our adventure. The best way I can tell you about our experience is to show you some photos!




12:30pm: Our climb was now finished and we walked down the mountain back to the visitor centre at the slate mine. The climb was amazing, challenging and scary but in a good way! The infinity bridge was for me the hardest bit as by this point the wind had picked up and although you are in a safety harness, you really feel you are walking on a thin wire rope. Overall, it was such a fun experience and I think my boyfriend and I both surprised ourselves in completing it. By the end we were very hungry and completely exhausted so we had a light lunch at the cafe in the visitor centre and then headed back to our apartment to sleep.


Tips and Advice!

  • Take gloves- The moment i took my hands off when climbing, my hands went ice cold and started to blister. The iron railing and safety clips due get really gold and its much easier to grip with a good pair of gloves suitable for climbing.
  • Strong shoes- this kind of goes without saying but strong footwear is a must. I wore hiking trainers that i tightly laced which did the trick.
  • You are not allowed to take a camera with you for health and safety reasons, so i recommend purchasing the USB of pictures before hand from the visitor centre. It is £15 but you get loads of incredible photos of yourself climbing and its definitely worth it and allows you to fully absorb in the scenery and climbing without any distractions.
  • Eat a light breakfast an hour or two before hand. It is so important to eat first to give your body some energy and make sure you are hydrated. Also, go to the toilet right before you set off! It is your only chance.
  • If you wish to take anything with you such as drinks or food when you reach the summit, bring a strong rucksack that can be tied to you whilst you are climbing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! For more information, click here!

Love Elizabeth


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