Please Be Aware Of Bloggers Stealing Content!

Just a quick post with evidence to say that I have noticed my blog posts are being directly plagerised by another blogger who goes by the name bodyengineernavi at the blog F Club.  I noticed they are copying other posts also from other bloggers so please report this blog and check your content is not being stolen. I posted a blog post called “eat your way to beautiful skin” and they have copied everything down to the photos and just changed it to their name.

Copied Post By


My Original Post 


I work really hard and spend hours on my blog posts and I am really upset that people will directly plagiarize my hard work and others hard work. Please be wary of who is following your blog and be wary of accounts like this. I have filed a plagiarism claim and and letting others know about their stolen blog posts. It would be greatly appreciated if you report this user as here on wordpress we all work so hard to run our blogs and produce content and people like this should not be allowed to use this platform.

I hope you understand me making this post. Sorry for a negative post today guys but I will not sit back and let people do that with my content.



Garnier Olia Hair Dye Review- Best Hair Dye On The Market?

Today I decided to give my hair a DIY makeover. My hair has been every colour under the sun, but I always revert back to my natural brown shades or a deep black. However, I can never stop thinking about red hair. I think red hair is so beautiful, but I am not willing to bleach my hair in order to achieve it. I also did not want to part with my dark locks, so I decided to go for an “in-between” shade of reddish brownish/black…


I decided to pick up the Garnier Olia Hair Dye in the shade “Deep Cherry” which was on offer for £6.99 for one or two for £11. My hair needed two boxes which is pretty standard whenever I dye my hair.

I was drawn to this box as it said it was made with 60% flower oils and no ammonia. I use oil on my hair  for everything and I absolutely swear by it, especially flower oils. I have seen first hand how oils have changed my hair, so I couldn’t wait to try this product. No ammonia was such a bonus as I hate that horrible, strong, chemical smell that has me choking for clean air the whole time. Let’s face it, hair dye is not the best thing in the world for you. This dye claims to turn even dark hair like mine a deep cherry red and visibly make the hair look healthier. I rolled my eyes to this, because I have never used a hair dye that actually turns out like the picture on the box , but as you will soon see, I was very surprised by the outcome.

After leaving the dye on for 30 minutes, whilst washing it out I could actually feel how soft my hair was. I am due for a hair cut and was slightly worried that the dye would make my hair feel really dry and split, but even whilst wet, I could tell it was softer. On using the conditioner provided in the pack and drying my hair, I was amazed by how shiny and healthy my hair looked and also how well the colour turned out.


Considering the fact that my hair had multiple different tones in it before hand, the dye made my hair a very even reddish/brown colour which was exactly what I wanted. I love the fact that I don’t have those awful bright red roots and patchy looking hair that a lot of red box dyes seem to produce. It looks a lot more like a professional finish compared to a “do it yourself” job.

The application was so easy and mess free due to the lovely creamy texture of the dye. It washed out easily and it didn’t irritate my hair or skin at all. Best of all, it has a really pleasant, floral smell. If like me, you hate the smell of freshly dyed hair, this could be a product for you. I am so happy with the results and I would recommend this dye to anyone looking to add a bit of a red tint to their hair. I would not recommend this colour for very light hair/blonde hair as it definitely seems to have been made for dark hair in mind and I feel it would make for quite the multi-tonal look if you have highlighted hair… and not in a good way. I hope this review was helpful! See you soon and thank you for reading! xox

May Blogging Recap And Highlights- Thank You So Much

Hey darlings!

This is a new segment I am adding to my blog because it is a great way for me to track my progress and see what I have achieved each month! I feel like this would be a great thing for bloggers to do, especially fairly newish ones like me so we can see how we are growing, how we can improve and how we can celebrate our blogging successes!

In the spirit of helping new blogs grow, for the first week of June, I will be following every single account who follows me. Let’s show each other some support!

In the month of May I welcomed 98 new followers to my blog and I am not far off hitting 200 followers now!! This may not sound like very much to some, but for me this is pretty cool and very flattering as the majority of what I posted about in May was to do with my personal health problems and surgery that I had. I have been overwhelmed by the support that this wonderful community has given me through a time where I needed it most. Whilst I love blogging about health/beauty/vintage fashion/lifestyle/travel and nail art, it is very lovely to know that the majority of my followers have actually come to my blog at a time where I was not well enough to even be doing those kind of posts and was simply talking about my personal life. To know people actually care is such a lovely thing and something I feel is so unique to the WordPress community. You guys are really quite special and I am so grateful to every single one of you who takes the time to leave me comments, like my posts, contact me and follow my blog. It motivates me to keep my little blog going.


Blogging Highlights!

Plans For June

Work On My Youtube Channel

I enjoy making videos as much as I do writing. It is footage I can look back on and enjoy for when I want to remember things and see how I felt and what I was doing in a particular moment. I am doing lots of exciting things this month which I will 110% be videoing for my channel! I really want to learn to edit and learn more about making content as I really do enjoy it and find it really satisfying.

Make More Vintage Beauty Posts

I have recently been teaching myself lots of makeup looks and hair looks in the 40s and 50s style so that I can recreate them here on my blog for you guys! I also want to do more fashion posts so that I can become more comfortable in front of the camera and also just more confident in general! I adore vintage beauty and I want to make it a core part of my blog as it is a core part of who I am,

Find More Blogs To Follow!

I am definitely not following enough blogs and I really want to find some more that I will enjoy! Feel free to link your blog in the comments below, as I would love to check it out! I have a lot of free time right now and I really want to work on getting more involved with other bloggers and supporting one another!

Thank you for everyone who joined my blog last month, I look forward to seeing where June takes me. See you all soon, bye! xox


Wunderbrow Brow Gel- Is It Worth The Hype?

Recently, I can not help but notice Wunderbrow Brow Gel popping up everywhere. It is being advertised all over Facebook and I keep seeing it when I scroll down my Instagram feed. For £20 a pop, it claims to define, fill and thicken for a natural brow look that is waterproof, smudge proof, transfer proof and lasts up to 3 days. It is “infused” with hair like fibers to fill and sculpt the brow. In videos, you can often see ladies scrubbing at their brows after perfectly applying them, running them under water and trying to scratch them off with the product still staying perfectly intact. This sounded too good to be true, so I decided to order it and test it myself.

I am by no means a brow expert or a make-up guru, so I thought that would help to make this review realistic and see if the product is easy to use and if it actually does what it says on the packaging. For £20, you want a product that actually works.

The Review


Wunderbrow comes in 5 different shades- Blonde, Auburn, Brunette, Black/Brown and Jet Black. I opted for Black/Brown as I have naturally dark eyebrows and the brunette shade is far too light for my liking. In the package you receive the brow gel, a spoolie brush and an instruction leaflet. I normally use the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade which is around the same price and it is very easy to use. I have never used a gel like Wunderbrow before.


My natural brows are not too thin and not too thick. They have a very slight arch and I like a product that simply gives them a bit more definition and shape to them, so Wunderbrow sounded like something I wanted to give a go. I like my brows to look natural but defined.


The actual product is very thick and creamy and quite frankly, rather intimidating. It says “perfect brows in under two minutes” on the packaging but I have never met a girl who can do her brows in two minutes that isn’t a professional makeup artist/Unicorn. I had very low hopes when I saw the actual product because I could not possibly see how it could look natural. As I am a tad clumsy, I did not use the product with the brush it comes with. I instead used an angled brow brush for more precision, popping a bit of product on my hand and working with it that way… and my god this stuff DOES NOT COME OFF. AT ALL.   


I was running my hand under warm water, scrubbing, scratching, using my makeup remover and it did not budge at all! I can say that this product truly does stay on. I don’t know about 3 days, because I would never leave my makeup on for that long, but you would definitely be able to go swimming or hop in the shower with this on! I have been out in the sun today and I can say it lasts well through heat also, so I will 100% be bringing this on holiday with me!

I will admit that I did have some difficulty applying this product likely because I am not used to it, but it does give a natural look and it does not look like you have just painted on your eyebrows which is what I was concerned about! The colour is an absolute perfect match and I love the fact this keeps all of the hairs in place. I found it did feel a little bit thick at first but that seemed to settle down after it had all dried. I have since been rubbing at my eyebrows and they really are staying on very well!


Is it worth the hype?

Yes! Definitely! It is a good product with very few faults and it is very, very long wearing which is fab. I think with more practice I will be able to apply it a bit better but I definitely think it is worth the £20 it costs. A little goes a long way and you can feel safe in the fact that your eyebrows are not going anywhere! I really like this product. I still love my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade but this may become a new favorite due to its natural, long wearing formula. Have you used this product? I’d love to know what you think! That is it for this review, I hope you liked it!

Dirty Works Bath And Body Care Review! (Better Than Soap And Glory?)

Today I will be reviewing the wonderful British brand, Dirty Works! (Not sponsored, I just love these products and can not believe they are not more known about). Dirty Works create cruelty free bath, body care and beauty products that are extremely affordable and come in the most gorgeous, girly packaging complete with some serious vintage glamour vibes, which is what caught my attention initially as I waltzed down the aisle in the supermarket, Sainburys. Yes, you can buy this in the supermarket! You can imagine my delight upon seeing these gorgeous products whilst grocery shopping. Sadly, my local Sainsburys store only carries a few of the products and I desperately would like to try their skin care and beauty products as from everything I have tried so far,  I’m hooked.

Dirty Works is undeniably reminiscent of the brand Soap And Glory, however it completely holds its own, its more affordable and I actually find myself reaching for my Dirty Works products over my Soap And  Glory Products as the scent is simply divine. The signature fragrance; a blend of vibrant fruity top notes of Peach and Cassis with subtle floral tones of Rose, Jasmine and Orange Blossom supported by base notes of Vanilla and Amber is deliciously moreish, delicate and it lasts all day and I feel it has a much more sophisticated and glamorous smell to it compared to my Soap And Glory products which I of course love, but find very, very sweet and sickly at times. So, on to the review of some of the products I picked up!

The Big  Chillout Bath Soak- £3.50


I am writing about this product first as it is by far my favourite bubble bath on the planet. I love it so much. I did not think it was possible to feel this way about a bath soak, but my god its perfect. Formulated with a decadent essential oil blend of Mandarin and Rock Rose, Chamomile and Lavender Extract, antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and softening Shea Extract, it is a soak that leaves you feeling soft, relaxed and of course smelling wonderful. For £3.50, it is extremely affordable and it creates the most wonderful relaxing bath.

Also pictured is That Fiji Feeling-Coconut Body Wash. I normally avoid coconut shower products as I find the smell is often a bit too sweet and synthetic, but this particular wash is blended with passion fruit extract which creates a very summery, tropical smell. The coconut oil and allantoin help to lock moisture in the skin and I find this is a very gentle, pleasant product to use and it makes me wish I was on holiday! It is only £2.50 so its such a bargain!

Glow Girl Buttery Body  Scrub £4.00


This lovely scrub is made from Sea Salt, Pumice and Peach Stone and it gently buffs away all those pesky dry patches on your skin. I find some scrubs to be a bit too harsh on my skin, but this is blended with Shea Butter and it is so silky soft to use. It really does feel like a butter without the greasiness and a little goes a long way! As it contains pumice, it makes a wonderful foot scrub if you fancy giving yourself a pampering pedicure!

Bling It On Shimmer Lotion- £4.00


Okay, I was quite dubious about this product. The colour terrified me as I have very fair skin and I was convinced it would make me look like an orange, but I was pleasantly surprised when it simply gave my skin a sparkly, radiant glow. However, it is the scent of this product that truly makes it stand out. For only £4.00, this body lotion smells like an expensive french perfume that you could picture Audrey Hepburn wearing, and the scent really lingers on the skin. It is the Dirty Works signature scent blended with essential oils of Rock Rose, Neroli and Jasmine and I do not bother wearing perfume when I use this, which is nearly every day at the moment. It is so lovely to wear on a sunny say as it makes you look like a beautiful little disco ball (in a good way!) and it is not sticky or heavy so it lasts well when worn in the heat. I shall be taking it with me to Majorca later this year!

You do need to wash your hands after using this product as you will have some rather sparkly residue left over. As you can see, I did not read the packaging until after and I was walking around like this…


The final thing I bought that I thought I would give a quick mention was a cute, polka dot drawstring wash bag at only £2.50. I liked this just because it is sturdy and a good size and makes a change to boring old plain wash bags!

I hoped you all liked today’s review! You can order Dirty Works online (click here)  and they have INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! So do not worry if you are not living here as you still have access to all of the products! I truly love this brand, I love their ethics, their quality and of course the products and I can not believe that more bloggers do not speak about them?! I highly recommend that you give them a go! I also used my new camera today! Let me know if the picture quality is any better.  See you next time! xxx


Foxy Locks Extensions- very HONEST Review!

Today I will be reviewing a set of Foxy Locks Superior 230g 20″  Clip In Extensions. Mine are in the shade Black/Brown. I bought these extensions myself and I have had them for over a year and a half- I have previously purchased the deluxe set twice, once in 2012 and once in 2014. The current set of extensions I have, I can not fault at all. I love them and the quality is superb. When I first purchased the deluxe set in 2012, the quality was amazing. They were so thick and gorgeous and at the time I wore them nearly every day to school. They lasted a year but I eventually needed to repurchase. When I repurchased them, I found the quality was drastically different. They were much, much thinner and far less durable. They went ratty and awful after only a few months. This put me off repurchasing them for quite a while. When I finally decided to repurchase, I went for the superior set as it is supposed to be much thicker. I decided to just go for it to see if they were any good. If they were terrible I would return them but luckily this set was excellent. When I browsed online, I noticed that other people had issues with receiving extensions that were not as good as their previous sets. For me, this is a bad sign as the products should be consistent but it seems to be that the quality is either really good or really bad.

I do not wear extensions every day anymore; I may wear them for special occasions or when I am going out/doing a specific look but they get no more than 3 times of wear in a month on average. The extensions can be curled, straightened, dyed and styled. I wear extensions solely for extra thickness and length when I fancy it! As for the current product I own as pictured, I really do love it and I have nothing bad to say about it. However,  I do have some things I found particularly annoying about the actual company. I looked at reviews of Foxy Locks online and saw that it had very mixed ratings and I found that most of the negative reviews had the same bone to pick as me…



Information About The Extensions I Currently Own:

  • For £132, the Superior Set comes with 8 wefts of Remy Human Hair (a full head of hair!). Remy hair is the highest quality hair you can get on the market. All the cuticles face down in one direction which makes them silky soft and tangle free. Unlike synthetic extensions, these human hair extensions do not have that artificial looking plastic shine. They look very natural against your own hair and blend perfectly.
  • The wefts are tightly sewn together and have silicone coated clips that keep the hair from slipping and to prevent damage. They are comfortable to wear and I find that I do not have to back brush or tease my hair to get this to stay put.
  • I wash these extensions whenever I feel they need it- Which is not very often. I treat them like my own hair so they stay strong and in good condition. I always use heat protection spray when styling as they are still human hair and need to be cared for in the same way as the hair on your head.
  • I store my extensions in the Foxy Locks Hanging Storage Case. It costs £15 which I do think is a bit ridiculous for a glorified hanger, but I do believe it is essential in maintaining the extensions and it is great for travel.

Things I Really Disliked

  • Poor Customer Service- When you go online and type in Foxy Locks Reviews, you get very mixed opinions and most of the time, the product is not the thing at fault. I have always found the customer service at Foxy Locks, absolutely dreadful. It truly is very, very poor (in my experience). One of my orders was taking over two weeks to ship, despite the fact I live in the UK where the company is based and had paid for faster postage. I could not get in contact with anyone and there is no number to call that I could see on the site- I am not sure if this is different now but back then, there was only a contact form which they say they will respond to within 24 hours but it took days for me to get a response which wasn’t even the slightest bit helpful.
  • Hit And Miss Products- When you are paying over £100 for a product, the quality should be consistent. This was not the case for Foxy Locks which is very off putting and causes lots of mixed reviews, so knowing whether they are any good is a bit of a gamble.
  • The Smell- When I got these extensions, they had a nasty chemical smell, possibly from a treatment on the hair. It really is not pleasant and I had to wash the hair a few times to get the smell out. I had not had this problem before so it made me wonder if all of the hair is actually quality hair.
  • Where does the hair come from?- I hate the fact that despite lots of research, I still can not find where Foxy Locks source their hair from and this really bothers me as I do not know how ethical the product is.

Overall Views

In all honesty, I would not purchase Foxy Locks again, purely because I think £132 is a lot to pay if you don’t know what the quality is going to be like. If you have the money then go for it as you may get sent an excellent set, but personally I do not like taking so much of a gamble in my purchase. I think I just got lucky with this particular set but once it needs replacing I will not bother. I do not wear them enough to justify risking purchasing another set so I am content to use the ones I have until they are no longer wearable!

It is such a shame as Foxy Locks do some truly amazing extensions when you get sent a good set, but overall I have very mixed feelings and will not bother with them again! I hope this review could be helpful/interesting to you! See you soon XOX

5 High Street Holy Grail Products

I have put together a small collection of my all time favourite high street beauty products that I always repurchase. In all honesty, I tried really hard not to just post a bunch of Soap And Glory products as they honestly are my go to high street brand as everything they do is simply fabulous- I am thinking of going out and doing a Soap And Glory Haul as soon as I am out of surgery and able to move! But here are my 5 product picks- enjoy!

Products 1&2- Maybelline and Revlon Nail Polish


I adore these two brands for nail polish. The Maybelline Forever Pro Polish is only £4.49 and the quality is superb. I also thought this purple(Shade- Lilac Charm) was really fitting for the season! It goes on perfectly in two coats and dries really well. It also does not chip for quite a few days which is fab. The Revlon Parfumerie Polish (Shade Pink Pineapple) is actually scented! Which, is a bit of a novelty and completely unnecessary but I like the odd little quirk of it. The colour is also a lovely neutral pink that looks beautiful alone or as a french manicure. It retails for £6.49 and it looks beautiful and glossy when applied- a real salon looking finish!

Product 3- Dove Derma Spa Intensive Hand Treatment


This hand cream is a real treat for the hands and only costs £5.49. It has a delicate light scent and it absorbs in to the hands really quickly. I slather a load of this on whenever my hands need that extra bit of attention or if they are feeling particular dry. A few people I know with dry skin conditions love this cream and vouch that it really does work!

Product 4- Soap And Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel


If it wasn’t already obvious from the previous products, I like to take good care of my hands. In fact, it borders on obsessive. I used to wash and sanitize my hands A LOT and I have this weird fear of germs and contamination, but I found it would dry my hands out really badly. This stuff not only smells divine, but it leaves my hands feeling cleansed, moisturised and does not dry them out. Its only £2.50! A little goes a long way also. I like to keep this handy in my purse for those emergency moments!

Product 5- Soap And Glory- The Righteous Butter

wp-1494682166295. I do not know many people who do not love this product. I will always remember when I was at University,  sitting in the corridor of our accommodation with a few of my flatmates and all of us were liberally smothering ourselves in this delectable body butter. The corridor smelt fantastic and we were left feeling silky soft and relaxed. I honestly get through so much of this product as if it is going out of fashion and I can never get enough. It is rich, creamy, and does exactly what it says on the tin. It is £10 for 300ml and it is so, so worth it. Get it, you will love it I promise!

What are your go to high street/drugstore beauty products- Let me know in the comments below! I hoped you liked todays post, see you soon! xox

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