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May Blogging Recap And Highlights- Thank You So Much

Hey darlings!

This is a new segment I am adding to my blog because it is a great way for me to track my progress and see what I have achieved each month! I feel like this would be a great thing for bloggers to do, especially fairly newish ones like me so we can see how we are growing, how we can improve and how we can celebrate our blogging successes!

In the spirit of helping new blogs grow, for the first week of June, I will be following every single account who follows me. Let’s show each other some support!

In the month of May I welcomed 98 new followers to my blog and I am not far off hitting 200 followers now!! This may not sound like very much to some, but for me this is pretty cool and very flattering as the majority of what I posted about in May was to do with my personal health problems and surgery that I had. I have been overwhelmed by the support that this wonderful community has given me through a time where I needed it most. Whilst I love blogging about health/beauty/vintage fashion/lifestyle/travel and nail art, it is very lovely to know that the majority of my followers have actually come to my blog at a time where I was not well enough to even be doing those kind of posts and was simply talking about my personal life. To know people actually care is such a lovely thing and something I feel is so unique to the WordPress community. You guys are really quite special and I am so grateful to every single one of you who takes the time to leave me comments, like my posts, contact me and follow my blog. It motivates me to keep my little blog going.


Blogging Highlights!

Plans For June

Work On My Youtube Channel

I enjoy making videos as much as I do writing. It is footage I can look back on and enjoy for when I want to remember things and see how I felt and what I was doing in a particular moment. I am doing lots of exciting things this month which I will 110% be videoing for my channel! I really want to learn to edit and learn more about making content as I really do enjoy it and find it really satisfying.

Make More Vintage Beauty Posts

I have recently been teaching myself lots of makeup looks and hair looks in the 40s and 50s style so that I can recreate them here on my blog for you guys! I also want to do more fashion posts so that I can become more comfortable in front of the camera and also just more confident in general! I adore vintage beauty and I want to make it a core part of my blog as it is a core part of who I am,

Find More Blogs To Follow!

I am definitely not following enough blogs and I really want to find some more that I will enjoy! Feel free to link your blog in the comments below, as I would love to check it out! I have a lot of free time right now and I really want to work on getting more involved with other bloggers and supporting one another!

Thank you for everyone who joined my blog last month, I look forward to seeing where June takes me. See you all soon, bye! xox


The Secret To Beautiful Nails? Mont Bleu Nail Care Review

If you follow me here at , you know I take nail care very seriously and have a page dedicated to Nail Art and Nail care. So, you can imagine my delight when the lovely people over at Mont Bleu reached out to me and asked me if I would like to try a few of their nail care products. Of course I said yes! If you do not know who Mont Bleu are, they are a manufacturer of high quality, Czech made glass nail files, and a Design Atelier who make bijoux, and also decorate beauty products and gifts with SWAROVSKI® elements. They have been around for over 10 years, promising high quality and customer satisfaction with each purchase.

I have always raved on and on about how Glass/Crystal Files are the way forward. If you want to know why you should chuck out those god awful emery boards and get a glass file, click here for my ultimate nail care guide!

**Disclaimer- Although these products have been sent to me, my review will be 100% honest with my own opinions. I would never recommend/promote a product unless I genuinely would use it and enjoy it myself.**

The products I have kindly been sent are:

  • Original Foot Scraper and Callus remover  All In One Foot File
  • “Waterfall Clear” Swarovski Glass Nail File
  • Dual-End Glass Cuticle Pusher For Manicure And Pedicure
  • Glass Nail File In Hard Pink Case

The Review


First impressions I had no idea what exactly Mont Bleu were going to send me as I asked them to surprise me. I squealed with delight when I opened up the parcel to see beautiful, pink nail care tools staring back at me! As you can see, they are absolutely gorgeous. Right away, I could feel that they were sturdy, well made and very eye-catching. They were very neatly and tightly packaged which is great as it means they will not break in the post.


SWAROVSKI® Glass Nail  File




Pictures do not do enough justice to this simply stunning file and I am reviewing this first as it caught my attention immediately when I opened the parcel. Encased in a luxurious black sleeve, It is delicate, elegant and so sparkly! It really does feel like a luxury file and something very special. I compared it to my Leighton Denny Crystal File and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Mont Bleu glass file works much more seamlessly and gently! It does not tug at the nail; instead it simply buffs away little nicks and tears to create a beautiful, straight free edge on the nail. A few sweeps and you are done. I can not fault this product at all. I think it is stunning and would make a perfect gift. For £8.70, it is cheaper than most glass nail files on the market and 100 times better.

Duel- End Glass Cuticle Pusher


This product blew my mind. I did not expect it to do much, but I was so shocked when I saw what a difference it made to my cuticles. The fact it is pink is just a bonus really.

As you can see by looking at the photos, the glass cuticle pusher has a rounded head for gentle nudging of the cuticle, and a pointed end for cleaning the nail edges. The ends are textured and have an abrasive surface for precise control. They managed to completely buff and perfect my nails and remove all of the excess on the nail bed, which made my base coat apply so neatly and smoothly. This makes SUCH a huge difference to nail polish application and it made a cheap nail polish look like a high end one simply because it applied more evenly after I used my cuticle pusher. For just £4.78, I think this is an essential item for both men and women.

Czech Glass Nail File In Hard Pink Case


An essential for every ladies handbag or purse. This nail file is slightly thicker than the Swarovski nail file however it is also made from tempered Czech glass like the previous. These nail files are said to last a lifetime, and Mont Bleu will give unlimited guaranty on the abrasive surface. I love it as it is more sturdy to carry in your handbag and also for travelling. It works exactly the same as the Swarovski file with the added bonus of protective pink casing. For £7.83, I would highly recommend you invest in this nail file for those emergency occasions!

Original Foot Scraper and Callus Remover- All In One Foot File


I had never used a foot file before until today, but let me just say that I have 100% converted. My feet were so silky and smooth after using this and I can not wait to take it on holiday with me so that my feet are always beach ready! This file is quite heavy and thick, which makes it perfect for buffing away callus and making your feet look like you have had an expensive pedicure. For £13.92, it is the most expensive item on the list, but it is still extremely affordable and definitely worth it if you have troublesome feet or if you simply feel like making your feet look gorgeous!

A few more snapshots of all the products!

Final Thoughts, Links And Discount Code!

I adore every single one of these products and I honestly can not fault any of them. They left my nails looking beautiful and my feet feeling fantastic. I would 100% recommend them. I am so grateful to Mont Bleu for reaching out to me and kindly sending me some of their wonderful products to try out. I absolutely love them and they have become new staples in my nail care routine. Mont Bleu have multiple sites that you can purchase their products from, including an Amazon page if you prefer to purchase through there. If you like what you see, Mont Bleu have very thoughtfully given me a discount for you all!

For a huge 20% off of your purchase from the Mont Bleu E-Store, Simply type BLOG at the checkout.

If you wish to purchase or partner with Mont Bleu, follow these Links! 

Social Links!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post. See you next time! 




First Ever Nail Art Video! NOTD

Nails Of The Day- Mint Crystal Sparkles!

Today I have two different polishes on my nails to create this beautiful mint green sparkling manicure! The first polish is “Fashion Playground” by Essie.


Fashion Playground, is a true mint green with subtle crystal flecks. It applies beautifully in two coats and looks gorgeous on its own. It dries very quickly and looks like your nails have come straight out of the salon!


The next polish is “Locket” by  Ciate. It is a perfect silver glitter. In one coat it creates a silver, sparkling sheen over the nails. If you were to use this on its own, you would get full coverage in two or three coats. I layered it over the top of Fashion playground to create a crystal perfect manicure! I finished everything off with my Seche Vite topcoat to seal the design and add a lovely shine.


Loving my nails today!

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I hope you like it and give it a go! See you soon!

Love from Elizabeth


Nails Of The Day- Holographic!

Today’s nails are these super sparkly holographic nails that I have created using three different polishes.

  • For the base I used Orlys “In The Navy” as holo shows up beautifully on dark colours.
  • For the next layer I used “Next stop, the bikini zone” by OPI which is a beautiful iridescent purple colour.
  • Finally, I used by Nails Inc Holo Top Coat, “electric lane”.

I really like how it turned out! I hope you like it too!

My Nail Polish Collection With Nail Art Looks & Polish Recommendations!

Today I had a nail polish “de-clutter” and a shelf reshuffle! I had to throw away a lot of old or dried up polishes but I still have over 120 left so I am pretty happy! This may seem like a lot of nail polish to some and to others this may be seen as a small collection in comparison to theirs so I thought I would share it with you! You might see a few colours you like!

The brands I own most of are Essie, Models Own, Orly, BarryM, OPI and Nails Inc. The bottom “messy” corner is a mix of different miscellaneous nail polishes from a mix of brands, mostly Ciate, L’oreal, Rimmel London, Maybelline and Max Factor. I have bought nearly all of my nail polishes with my own money and I have been collecting nail polish for a really long time. I definitely did not go out and buy all of this at once! Though a dream of mine is to go on a HUGE nail polish shop.



Essie nail polishes retail for about £5.99 to £7.99 each and they are one of my favourite formulas to work with. These polishes chip the least out of all of my polishes and they are by far some of my favourites for red and blue shades! They are amazing for beautiful neutral shades also.

You should try:

  • Style Hunter
  • Mind Your Mittens
  • Style Cartel
  • Fashion Playground



Orly retails for £10 on average so it is one of the pricier brands however the bottles are huge so you get a lot for the price! I have found that most of my Orly polishes last for quite a few days before chipping and many only need one coat to reach full opacity.

You should try:

  • Luxe
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Soul Mate


OPI retails for around £7-12 depending on where you buy it from but you can get it fairly cheap online. OPI by far have the best range of colours I have ever seen from a nail polish brand. They are simply gorgeous and have a beautiful, professional finish. They work fantastically for nail art and OPI is my favorite place to get white shades and pastel shades.

You should try:

  • My Private Jet
  • Hula-rious
  • This Silvers Mine

Nails Inc

Nails Inc retails for £7.50 in most places and the colours are simply divine. They do gorgeous glitters which I absolutely adore and the quality is very, very high. It looks like a salon finish every time.

You should try:

  • Marylbone road
  • Westbourne Gardens
  • Electric Lane Holo Topcoat

Barry M

Barry M costs only £2.99 to £4.99 most of the time so it is very affordable. The Gelly polishes are incredible and I am honestly surprised that the polishes are so affordable as they look very high end on the nails. I really love every single polish I have ever seen from Barry M. Some require a few more coats than perhaps a polish from a salon brand but once fully applied, they look stunning.

You should try:

  • Catwalk Queen
  • Pomegranate Gelly
  • Cardamom Gelly

Models Own

I do not actually buy Models Own as much as I used to but Models Own is a great place to start if you are new to nail art as they are famed for their nail polish shaped bottle shops all over the UK. Nail Polish really is their specialty, so you can expect some really unique colours. They have some really lovely lines such as the Diamond Luxe and Hyper gel and chrome collections. I find these take a while to dry and are very thick, but the colour payoff is great and the range is very beautiful, once dry they look incredibly stunning and they always bring out very unique, beautiful lines. They are very good for nail art which is why I have kept so many! They retail for around £4.99 each so they are quite affordable.

You should try:

  • Hypergel Cerise Shine
  • Chrome Blue
  • Diamond Luxe Heart Red


Nail Art And Swatches

Here are a few of my nail art designs done on my own natural nails that I thought you might like! Check out my nail page for more nail art and nail care tips! I hope you liked today’s post, see you again soon!

Nails Of The Day- OPI

Today’s nails are “I cannoli wear OPI” by the brand OPI. 

The nail Polish needed two coats to reach full opacity which is pretty standard for any nail Polish. However, I have found this one has peeled very quickly despite being top coated. Other than that, I adore the colour and it would be a perfect Base for nail art! Hope you like it!

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