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May Blogging Recap And Highlights- Thank You So Much

Hey darlings!

This is a new segment I am adding to my blog because it is a great way for me to track my progress and see what I have achieved each month! I feel like this would be a great thing for bloggers to do, especially fairly newish ones like me so we can see how we are growing, how we can improve and how we can celebrate our blogging successes!

In the spirit of helping new blogs grow, for the first week of June, I will be following every single account who follows me. Let’s show each other some support!

In the month of May I welcomed 98 new followers to my blog and I am not far off hitting 200 followers now!! This may not sound like very much to some, but for me this is pretty cool and very flattering as the majority of what I posted about in May was to do with my personal health problems and surgery that I had. I have been overwhelmed by the support that this wonderful community has given me through a time where I needed it most. Whilst I love blogging about health/beauty/vintage fashion/lifestyle/travel and nail art, it is very lovely to know that the majority of my followers have actually come to my blog at a time where I was not well enough to even be doing those kind of posts and was simply talking about my personal life. To know people actually care is such a lovely thing and something I feel is so unique to the WordPress community. You guys are really quite special and I am so grateful to every single one of you who takes the time to leave me comments, like my posts, contact me and follow my blog. It motivates me to keep my little blog going.


Blogging Highlights!

Plans For June

Work On My Youtube Channel

I enjoy making videos as much as I do writing. It is footage I can look back on and enjoy for when I want to remember things and see how I felt and what I was doing in a particular moment. I am doing lots of exciting things this month which I will 110% be videoing for my channel! I really want to learn to edit and learn more about making content as I really do enjoy it and find it really satisfying.

Make More Vintage Beauty Posts

I have recently been teaching myself lots of makeup looks and hair looks in the 40s and 50s style so that I can recreate them here on my blog for you guys! I also want to do more fashion posts so that I can become more comfortable in front of the camera and also just more confident in general! I adore vintage beauty and I want to make it a core part of my blog as it is a core part of who I am,

Find More Blogs To Follow!

I am definitely not following enough blogs and I really want to find some more that I will enjoy! Feel free to link your blog in the comments below, as I would love to check it out! I have a lot of free time right now and I really want to work on getting more involved with other bloggers and supporting one another!

Thank you for everyone who joined my blog last month, I look forward to seeing where June takes me. See you all soon, bye! xox


May Beauty Favourites



As it is the final day of May, I thought I would show you my ten favourite beauty products of the month! I hope you like it!

The Products

Nude’Tude Eyeshadow Palette By TheBalm Cosmetics!


I have been reaching for this palette almost every day this month! The variety of colours and finishes can give me anything from a really subtle natural look to full blown vintage glam! It is hardly a new product on the market but I genuinely love it so much and think it is worth every penny! Here is a look I created using this palette!


L’Oreal Colour Riche 5ml Nail Polishes


These two nail polishes were only £1.99 each on Fragrance Direct and they put a lot of my high end expensive nail polishes to shame! They look like salon quality and they are such beautiful, true reds! Every girl needs a beautiful red nail polish and these are so affordable and lovely.


Boots Traditional Cold Cream Cleanser


This cleanser is so good and it was only £2.50 from the drugstore!!! I am normally very brand loyal when it comes to skincare and I only ever use Liz Earle, but this month I decided to give this cold cream a go and my skin has not broken out at all except for one tiny spot due to hormonal acne. It was great as normally I get a really bad breakout once a month but this is such a simple cleanser and it is really cheap!

Dirty Works Glow Girl Salt Body Scrub


This scrub is only £4 in Sainsburys but it rivals my more expensive scrubs easily. It leaves my skin super soft and as it contains pumice, it makes a great foot scrub for when I fancy a spa style pedicure. It also smells DIVINE! You simply must try it!

Guerlain  Insolence EDP


This gorgeous perfume from Guerlain contains notes of violet and iris, given a modern edge by a dash of berries. It is so delicious and moreish and has a really sexy, sultry smell whilst still being light enough to wear each day! It is sweet, spicy and allover beautiful. I love it!

Mont Bleu Nail Care Tools (AND DISCOUNT CODE)


This month, I was kindly sent some nail care tools by Czech brand “Mont Bleu” to try and I adore them. I am very careful about what I use on my nails, but I have noticed a significant difference in the strength of my nails and I have not had any breaks since using their tools! The swarovski file is such a show stopper and it works beautifully. If you want to try any of Mont Bleu’s products, they have given me a 20% off discount code for you guys. Simply type in BLOG at the checkout!

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara


This mascara literally makes it look like I am wearing false eyelashes. It is so beautiful, smooth and long wearing with zero clumping and flakiness. It is a little pricey but it is definitely worth the money! I only need one coat of this to give me the desired effect I am going for.

L’Oreal Detox Charcoal Mask


I have used this mask once a week this month and I have noticed that my skin looks much healthier and has a lovely glow to it! It works really well at calming my skin, reducing inflammation and redness and making me look more awake. It is really gentle on the skin as well and isn’t too fragrances so its just a very pleasant product to use.


That is it for my May Beauty Favourites! I hope you liked this post- Please do not to get to follow my blog! You can also find me on Facebook @Miss Elizabeth Shannon and on Instagram @elizabethshannonn

My kitty also has an instagram account now and you can check him out at @acatcalledgustavo ! (yes, i have reached the stage in life where ive made my cat an insta account. I am aware of how sad that is)

Thank you for reading! ❤ xxx

How To Incorporate A Touch Of Vintage Glamour In Your Everyday Life.

Hello darlings! Today I thought I would tell you a few ways in which you can incorporate a little touch a vintage glamour in to your everyday life. If you are not as obsessed with vintage as I am, doing the whole look may seem a bit intimidating, but a few bits here and there can add a lovely, elegant touch and make you feel fantastic.

Hair And Makeup


I pretty much only wear a vintage inspired makeup look on a daily basis and I have done for years. I always wear a red lip and a lot of the time I will do a winged liner. This immediately makes your makeup have a retro feel and it is so simple to do, even if you just wear the red lip! If you are nervous about wearing a bright red lip, try a more subtle, berry colour!

For hair, I normally wear it curled. If I am going out or if I feel like doing a full-glam look, I’ll do a full vintage up-do or wave. I can be a bit lazy when it comes to doing victory rolls, so most days I do “faux” rolls or bumps. Here is a link to a fantastic video by the gorgeous Cherry Doll face, showing you how to do a lovely every day look. I interviewed Cherry a little while back and she is the sweetest woman ever and has amazing hair and makeup skills! 



I am constantly asked “Oh, are you going out somewhere nice?” because I am permanently dressing up. I do not need an occasion to get dolled up and it makes me giggle when people think I am going out for dinner or to a party. Nope, Im just celebrating life! Style is such a personal thing and I am not going to tell you what to wear exactly because what you feel comfortable in is so personal! But, I genuinely think every one suits the vintage look. It is flattering on all shapes and sizes and it looks effortlessly glamorous.

My wardrobe consists mostly of dresses in the tea dress/flared style because personally that is what I like. Unless I am wearing my boyfriends clothes, I would not be caught dead out in joggers, the thought makes me shudder… i just can’t. I believe that every vintage lover needs a good coat however genuine 40s/50s vintage coats can be hard to come buy. You can throw it on over literally anything and look dressed up! My favourite places to buy coats are Collectif, Hell Bunny and Banned. If you do not want to fork out for a vintage reproduction, try and go for a coat that is fitted at the waist and flares out. A black Mac is always a good shout also!

Here is another video that shows you a few staples you can put in your wardrobe to create a glamorous vintage look  and how to shop vintage when on a budget, by the lovely Karolina Zebrowska. 



This is the quickest and cheapest way you can add little touches of vintage glamour. Gorgeous tea cups, silver wear, glasses and furniture can be found in most thrift stores, charity shops and even online! They look far more expensive than they actually are and can easily be upholstered to look brand new. Plus, it is quite a novelty to drink from a cute little teacup and guests absolutely love it!

Buy Your Beauty Mark- By Dita Von Teese


This book is absolutely amazing and was written by Burlesque and Vintage Queen Dita Von Teese. I call it my bible because it contains everything you need to know about eccentric glamour. Also, it is just a feel good book and you will feel amazing about yourself after reading it. I can not recommend it highly enough and I genuinely believe all women need this book, even if they are not in to the vintage lifestyle. This book took Dita 5 years to write and she absolutely perfected it. I love it.

These are all of my little tips for now, but let me know if you would like more posts about vintage glamour, beauty and lifestyle! See you next time! xox



Natural Summer Glow Makeup Look

Summer is right around the corner here in England and everyone is losing their s**t because it is hot, which is a rare occurrence for us rain babies. So, in the summer spirit I have done a lovely natural and glowy summer makeup look for you all. Enjoy!xox


Products Used- 

  • Base- Soap And Glory- One heck of a blot primer, Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Nars Radiant creamy concealer in Chantilly, TheBalm Hot Mama Blush, Sleek Solstice highlighting palette.
  • Brows-  Wunderbrow Gel in Black/brown
  • Lips- Rimmel Drop Of Sherry Lipstick
  • Eyes- Thebalm NuteTude Palette (Standoffish over lid, stubborn and sassy in center of lid and silly very lightly applied in the crease), Mascara- The Balm Mad Lash Mascara


The key to this look is to apply the shadows very lightly and blend, blend, blend! I used my Bella and Bear “sandcat” shadow brush and my finger to blur out the edges for a softer look. It can be applied more liberally for a dramatic smoky eye.





I hope you enjoyed this look! What is your number one summer essential? Let me know in the comments below! xxx

Classic Parisian Inspired Hair And Makeup

The Parisian look is one that any woman can pull off. It is classic, timeless, easy and effortless. The phrase “less is more” really applies here and it makes you look like you’ve put in a lot more effort than you actually have.

**PAUSE- There is only ONE DAY left to enter my luxury beauty giveaway worth over £50- it is open internationally. I will be choosing a winner tomorrow at lunchtime! Thank you to all of the people who have entered so far and good luck! Click here to be taken to the giveaway!**

The Makeup


Parisian makeup is 80% skincare and 20% actual makeup. Taking really great care of your skin is important for anyone, but it really helps create an even base to work with. I do not have perfect skin but I try my best to take really good care of it. I recommend using Liz Earle skin care products as they are natural, botanical and suit all skin types. To create this look, you want to bring light to the face, not shadow. There is NO contour in a Parisian look.

  • Base- For my base I am using NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Siberia and NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade Chantilly. Both of these products are very creamy, light and create a beautiful natural glow without looking oily and shiny.
  • Cheeks- On my cheeks I have a very small amount of blush from theBalm in the shade “hot Mama”. I applied it to the apples of my cheeks very lightly and then fanned up.
  • Eyes and brows- I did my brows a bit softer than i normally would using my Anastasia dip brow pomade in dark brown and just brushed it through so there are no harsh lines. For the shadow, I only used one colour and applied in fairly messily, as if I was doing a smoky eye- the shade is Sultry by TheBalm Nute Tude Palette. The Mascara is the YSL volume effet faux cils mascara. Apply just enough to add depth, no more than one coat.
  • Lips- A Parisian look is not complete without a red lip. I would normally wear a bold red lip on a daily basis (YSL Rouge Per Couture shade 001) which would work great with this look, but I ended up mixing two colours- my signature YSL Red with the YSL Coral Incandescent rouge per couture shine lipstick to give a softer look.


The Hair


Classic Parisian hair always looks very undone without looking messy or dirty. It is quite tousled and natural looking. My natural hair is slightly wavey so all I did was leave it to dry naturally and then use a little bit of dry shampoo to add texture. You could recreate this by letting your hair dry in plaits or curling hair loosely, brushing it out and adding a bit of texturing spray or mousse.

That’s it for this look! I hope you liked this post. See you again soon! xox

Foundation and Concealer For Fair-Skinned Beauties

I do not know about you, but I really struggle to get a foundation colour to match. A couple of weeks ago, I went around nearly every makeup counter in Debenhams, trying the lightest shades on offer. All of which were either too dark, too orange/yellow, or too chalky, pasty and ashy. I feel like a lot of brands do not bother making really light or really dark shades, which makes it incredibly difficult to find a foundation that matches perfectly, especially in the drugstore where the colours are even more limited with a few exceptions.

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Luckily, I have found a foundation shade and concealer shade that works well for my skin tone from the makeup brand NARS! I would say I have Normal/Combination skin that requires medium coverage in places with hormonal acne/occasional pimples.


The foundation I got is NARS Sheer Glow in the shade- Siberia. I previously used the shade Mont Blanc but despite the gorgeous texture of the foundation, I found it went orange on my skin. Siberia is the lightest shade they do and I do not find it going orange or yellow and it blends really nicely.

The concealer is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Chantilly, which again is the lightest shade they do. This works beautifully under the eyes. Vanilla is a very light colour that probably would work really well on most pale ladies but this one in particular seems to cover dark circles and create an illuminated look which I really like.

Both of these products are of amazing quality, but they are on the pricier side at £32 for the foundation and £23 for the concealer, but they are definitely worth the price tag as I have never found foundations quite as good any where else. The concealer is definitely a splurge as I have found some drugstore concealers which are really beautiful but for the perfect colour match this gives me, I am happy to spend an extra few pounds.

If you have very fair/pale skin, please do let me know what you like to use as it may help a few of us out! Thats it for today, see you soon!


Everyday Vintage Glam Look

Hello darlings! Today I am showing you an everyday vintage look that has that little kick of glam without going “full” glam. Its about a 6 on the glam-radar out of 10, so it is suitable for your everyday life. By all means, go for a full 10 (I would!).


Whats on my face:

  • TheBalm NudeTude palette- Shades: sultry all over lid, sexy in crease and standoffish on browbone and inner corner.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Per Couture Lipstick in shade one, as always 😉
  • NARS all day luminous foundation in Mont Blanc
  • TheBalm “Hot Mama” blush
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in dark brown
  • Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara
  • L’Oreal Superliner- Black

My Hair

  • For my hair, I set it in hot rollers and then brushed and molded it in to the shape I wanted to create loose vintage 40s inspired waves. I then pinned it up on side. For a more “glam” look I would set the curls a lot tigher and do a few victory rolls!

Close Ups



I hope you like it! When the occasion arises (like i need one) I’ll do a fully glammed up look! Have a lovely weekend,

Love Elizabeth


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