Lets Support Each Others Social Media! (follow for follow & I now have twitter!)

Just a quick post to say that after years of saying ill never get it, I finally got twitter. I know, I have officially conformed to the world of social media. However, I felt it was necessary to help grow my blog and share my posts (and random thoughts) so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! I would love to follow all of my blogging friends on twitter so leave your twitter names in the comments and ill head over and follow your accounts! Leave me any of your others socials and ill go check them out! xox

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Whilst you are reading I thought I would use this post to promote my other socials. I do follow back everyone who follows/subs me because I love supporting our little blogging community! My other social links are :

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Thank you for reading! Leave me a comment to let me know if you want me to check out your socials/blog. To grow ourselves we must first help each other grow. See you again soon xox

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Please Be Aware Of Bloggers Stealing Content!

Just a quick post with evidence to say that I have noticed my blog posts are being directly plagerised by another blogger who goes by the name bodyengineernavi at the blog F Club. ย I noticed they are copying other posts also from other bloggers so please report this blog and check your content is not being stolen. I posted a blog post called “eat your way to beautiful skin” and they have copied everything down to the photos and just changed it to their name.

Copied Post By


My Original Postย 


I work really hard and spend hours on my blog posts and I am really upset that people will directly plagiarize my hard work and others hard work. Please be wary of who is following your blog and be wary of accounts like this. I have filed a plagiarism claim and and letting others know about their stolen blog posts. It would be greatly appreciated if you report this user as here on wordpress we all work so hard to run our blogs and produce content and people like this should not be allowed to use this platform.

I hope you understand me making this post. Sorry for a negative post today guys but I will not sit back and let people do that with my content.



A Very Vintage Summer Outfit

Here is my outfit from my vlog (watch here)ย ! It is a 40s inspired tea dress from Collectif paired with retro black pointed flats from Lulu Hun!



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It is so comfortable, light and airy and the silhouette is very flattering and forgiving! I hope you like it! xxx


Summer Clothing Haul And Try On!- Vintage Edition (video)

Hello everyone! I made a video (ahh still so nervous about that) of a few things I purchased from the vintage reproduction fashion site Collectif! I need to invest in good editing software, sound and lighting so bare with me until I sort that out, but I hope you like this video! The quality is good enough for you to actually see the clothes so yeah, I hope you like it! I will be making lots of videos/vlogs over the summer so do not forget to subscribe so you do not miss anything! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

How To Incorporate A Touch Of Vintage Glamour In Your Everyday Life.

Hello darlings!ย Today I thought I would tell you a few ways in which you can incorporate a little touch a vintage glamour in to your everyday life. If you are not as obsessed with vintage as I am, doing the whole look may seem a bit intimidating, but a few bits here and there can add a lovely, elegant touch and make you feel fantastic.

Hair And Makeup


I pretty much only wear a vintage inspired makeup look on a daily basis and I have done for years. I always wear a red lip and a lot of the time I will do a winged liner. This immediately makes your makeup have a retro feel and it is so simple to do, even if you just wear the red lip! If you are nervous about wearing a bright red lip, try a more subtle, berry colour!

For hair, I normally wear it curled. If I am going out or if I feel like doing a full-glam look, I’ll do a full vintage up-do or wave. I can be a bit lazy when it comes to doing victory rolls, so most days I do “faux” rolls or bumps. Here is a link to a fantastic video by the gorgeous Cherry Doll face, showing you how to do a lovely every day look. I interviewed Cherry a little while back and she is the sweetest woman ever and has amazing hair and makeup skills!ย 



I am constantly asked “Oh, are you going out somewhere nice?” because I am permanently dressing up. I do not need an occasion to get dolled up and it makes me giggle when people think I am going out for dinner or to a party. Nope, Im just celebrating life! Style is such a personal thing and I am not going to tell you what to wear exactly because what you feel comfortable in is so personal! But, I genuinely think every one suits the vintage look. It is flattering on all shapes and sizes and it looks effortlessly glamorous.

My wardrobe consists mostly of dresses in the tea dress/flared style because personally that is what I like. Unless I am wearing my boyfriends clothes, I would not be caught dead out in joggers, the thought makes me shudder… i just can’t. I believe that every vintage lover needs a good coat however genuine 40s/50s vintage coats can be hard to come buy. You can throw it on over literally anything and look dressed up! My favourite places to buy coats are Collectif, Hell Bunny and Banned. If you do not want to fork out for a vintage reproduction, try and go for a coat that is fitted at the waist and flares out. A black Mac is always a good shout also!

Here is another video that shows you a few staples you can put in your wardrobe to create a glamorous vintage look ย and how to shop vintage when on a budget, by the lovely Karolina Zebrowska.ย 



This is the quickest and cheapest way you can add little touches of vintage glamour. Gorgeous tea cups, silver wear, glasses and furniture can be found in most thrift stores, charity shops and even online! They look far more expensive than they actually are and can easily be upholstered to look brand new. Plus, it is quite a novelty to drink from a cute little teacup and guests absolutely love it!

Buy Your Beauty Mark- By Dita Von Teese


This book is absolutely amazing and was written by Burlesque and Vintage Queen Dita Von Teese. I call it my bible because it contains everything you need to know about eccentric glamour. Also, it is just a feel good book and you will feel amazing about yourself after reading it. I can not recommend it highly enough and I genuinely believe all women need this book, even if they are not in to the vintage lifestyle. This book took Dita 5 years to write and she absolutely perfected it. I love it.

These are all of my little tips for now, but let me know if you would like more posts about vintage glamour, beauty and lifestyle! See you next time! xox



A Beautiful Sunny, Stripy Sunday: A Vintage Inspired Outfit

Hello darlings, today was beautiful and sunny so I took a lovely walk around the lake with my boyfriend and took a couple of snaps of my outfit along the way. I wore a striped play suit from New Look, Boots from Soul Cal and my go to pin up makeup look. I hope you like it!


I love this outfit as it is so comfortable and the vertical stripes and nipped in waist are very flattering. It gives me serious vintage vibes that I adore!


Here are some adorable little ducklings we spotted on the lake during our sunny afternoon walk!


I also could not resist snapping a pic of this beautiful pink rose. I hope you liked todays post! See you again soon


What’s In My Bag?- Hospital Edition!

Hello every one! Today I thought I would share with you what is in my hospital bag. ย It is now only 4 days until I have major surgery- It still feels so surreal! As I will be in hospital for a few days following surgery, I had to put together a bag with some essentials. When you are initially admitted in to hospital, you can only bring a few things and then once you are admitted to your ward following surgery, more items can be bought in for you so this is literally the basics of what I have to bring with me on the day. I went out and bought lots of new bits for the hospital as I wanted to be as comfortable as possible and also a bit of shopping can relieve stress I thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I spent around ยฃ40 in total and most things I bought were from Primark.


The bag I am using is just a cheap satchel from Primark that cost ยฃ12. It is a lovely pale pink faux leather bag and it is the perfect size for everything that I need to bring on the day.

Night Wear/Underwear


When I first go in to surgery I will be wearing a hospital gown, butย after you can bring your own night wear to change in to. The type of surgery I am having is called a laparotomy, which is open surgery that requires an incision from the bikini line up to the abdomen, so this area of my body will be bound and stitched. I opted for cheap night dresses from primark (ยฃ5 each I believe) as they are very loosely fitted and because they are so cheap, it’s not really a big deal if they get stained with blood from the incision. I also have a lightweight dressing gown to lounge in and comfy underwear that will not catch on stitching.


I also have packed some lovely little slippers from Primark that were only ยฃ4! They fit very well considering I only have small feet and they are memory foam so they are very comfortable and easy to walk in. The bottom has good grip also which is definitely important on those hard, hospital floors.


For the first two days it is likely I will not be able to move a whole lot but I want to keep myself feeling clean still so I picked up some Batiste Travel Size shampoo. I also picked up travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Deodorant. I also have of course packed a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor. I opted for the Sanex shower gel as it is very gentle on the skin and will not irritate the skin where the stitches are.

PicsArt_05-12-11.38.59ย As I may not be very mobile straight away, I got some face and body wipes so I can keep myself as clean as possible. As soon as I feel able I will have a shower but in the meanwhile, wipes will have to suffice!


Finally, I sneaked in my little Chewbacca teddy that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas! I think it is so cute and it is comforting to have something from home with me.

That is everything in my hospital bag! I will keep you all updated with my surgery, hospital experience and health! See you soon



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