I have a new blog (goodbye miss Elizabeth Shannon) 

Hello everyone, really quick post here just to update you with what’s going on in my life and with my blog. 

I have had Miss Elizabeth Shannon for around a year now, and I am really proud of all the things I’ve achieved so far. However, it never truly felt like enough for me. I was never fully satisfied with it and I had real identity issues. It didn’t feel like it was truly mine. 

 There are parts of my blog I love. I loved my travel segments and all my diary entries following my life and health issues, but I struggled to find what I felt was my calling in terms of blogging. I wanted to be authentic to myself but create content people could enjoy. After a year of blogging, I finally know what that is. Hence the creation of www.elstavo.com

El Stavo is my new blog. It is still a health, beauty and lifestyle blog, but it is tailored to match who I am as a person- a cat, vintage beauty obsessed health science student with a desire to inject a bit of lightness in to our daily lives. I’m so proud of my new blog. It is self hosted and I have a special design for it as well. It feels much more professional and I’m truly proud of it.

This does mean however, that I am getting rid of miss Elizabeth Shannon fairly soon once I’ve finished transferring some old content. It would mean the world to me of you could check out my new blog, and follow my Instagram account http://www.instagram.com/el_stavo for updates and new content.

With the new blog, I am hoping to create an e-book aswell (the content of this is to remain a secret for now). Writing is my passion and that is what I really want to show with my new blog.
Thank you for reading and to all of my followers who have helped me learn and grow. I hope to see you on this new venture. 

El x

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21 Year Old Blogger of all things Health, Fitness, Food, Beauty And Life. I am a plant based, healthy living enthusiast and a huge animal lover. My aim is to help you live your happiest and healthiest life whilst sharing my own journey with you. I hope you enjoy your visit here at www.misselizabethshannon.com Insta- @elizabethshannonn Facebook- Miss Elizabeth Shannon xox

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