Hello, I’m back!

Hello lovely people. As you may have noticed, I stopped blogging for a good few months, but I am back now and I just wanted to briefly explain where I have been.

If you have been following my blog this year, you would know that my health has been a bit up and down and I had to have a big operation back in May to remove a borderline ovarian tumour, my left ovary and fallopian tube (you can find out more about that on my life page) and my health issues have been the focal point of my entire year. I had been off of work for quite a few months and only just returned back after a leave of absence in September. In October I started my degree and basically all my attention has been on work, my degree and my health. Overall, I think I just felt a bit overwhelmed with it all so I decided to “switch off” and get my life in order and decide what exactly I want to do, which meant my blog took a back seat.

I found out 6 weeks after my operation that I am going to need another operation this year to remove my appendix to prevent the tumour coming back, however I have not yet had a date so I have no idea when that is going to happen. I kind of feel like the doctors just want to empty my body of random parts at the moment and I am finding it all a bit weird and confusing that its even happening. Back to the point, it is safe to say that my blog is the last thing I was thinking about.

Now I have given myself time to reflect on my roller coaster ride of a year, and because I am currently feeling like I could be organised if I put enough effort in to it, I want to start writing on my blog again. Writing is really therapeutic and fun for me, plus sometimes people read what I write and comment back which is really cool and really nice (thanks!).

So hello, thank you for taking the time to read this little post and here’s to the future of misselizabethshannon.com! I hope you enjoy following me with all the random things that go on in my life.

Love Elizabeth


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21 Year Old Blogger of all things Health, Fitness, Food, Beauty And Life. I am a plant based, healthy living enthusiast and a huge animal lover. My aim is to help you live your happiest and healthiest life whilst sharing my own journey with you. I hope you enjoy your visit here at www.misselizabethshannon.com Insta- @elizabethshannonn Facebook- Miss Elizabeth Shannon xox

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