Summer Slim Down: Week One!

Hey beautiful people! Today I am doing something different. I have not spoke about exercise yet on my blog, simply because I haven’t been able to do it the past few months due to health issues and having surgery. Now I am one month post op, I have started to ease back in to fitness and next month I will be joining the gym! This summer, my goal is to get fit and healthy and see how far I can go in two months! It is essentially the beginning of my fitness journey.

I believe in living a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, positive thinking and of course fitness. So I thought it would be quite fun to document my fitness journey! It will help to motivate me to continue and track my progress and perhaps give you some ideas about your own fitness journey.

My Goals

  • Lose Body Fat, Particularly from my stomach and upper arms-  My ultimate goal is that I want to get my body fat percentage down to 20/22%. I will be tracking my progress through this mostly and also by taking other measurements.
  • Tone Up!- Like most people, I want to tone up. Surgery has left my stomach very weak and I would love to build up strength and feel strong. I would love bigger thighs and a nice booty wouldn’t be bad! ;D
  • Eat Better- Diet can always be improved and I have been slacking. I want to really focus on eating as clean as possible with the occasional indulgence. I do not believe in counting calories- instead I will focus on eating colourful, balanced plates of food and drinking plenty of fluid. To get to where I want to be, its going to be 70% diet and 30% exercise.
  • Stretch More- I used to be very flexible after doing cheerleading and dance for most of my life, but since all of my health problems cropped up, I do not stretch much anymore and I want to get back to my old bendy self!

My Starting Stats


  • Body Fat Percentage- 25%
  • Height- 5’3
  • Weight- 117lbs
  • Waist- 27 inches
  • Upper Arm- 10 inches
  • Thighs- 18.5 inches
  • Calves- 12.5 inches
  • Midsection- 32 inches (below belly button, above hips)

I love my body as it is, but I want to be fit and strong so I can live my healthiest life and function at my best. As a part of my surgical recovery, it will be important to build strength particularly in my stomach as it has faced so much trauma and is very weak right now. I hope you enjoy this new segment for my blog and I will update every week! See you soon!



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