10 Things That Make Me Happy

Time for a lighter more upbeat post today! I am sharing with you 10 things that make me happy! I encourage you to do the same as listing things that make us smile or that we are grateful for can really uplift our moods and make us feel really happy. So lets jump straight in! Here are the 10 things that make me happy!

1: My Cat Gustavo


How can you be anything but happy staring at this adorable little crazy things face. Β Gustavo, otherwise known as Gus, is my boyfriend and I’s rescue kitty whom we have had since April this year. He’s a beautiful, loving little cat and I love him very much.

2: Tea


Tea is cheap, easy to find and so satisfying. I instantly feel relaxed when I have a cup of tea. For some reason, tea just changes my mood and I can not get through a day without a cup.

3: Being Outside On A Sunny Day


Being outside when it is sunny for a walk, picnic or day out uplifts my mood and it is such a treat as England is not typically a sunny country. We have been fairly lucky in recent months so I am enjoying every minute of it.

4: My Boyfriend


Every girl deserves someone who makes them feel as loved, spoilt and cared for as my boyfriend makes me feel. I know that is incredibly cheesy, but I am genuinely so happy, content and glad that he is my best friend and partner in crime.

5: My Best Friends


Our friendship bracelets have cocktail charms on. That is the kind of friendship we have. Rarely do I go a day without talking to these two beauties, I love them very much and they always brighten the room!

6: Animals In General



It is not a secret that I am an animal lover, but I really care about animal rights and conservation. I am a dedicated vegetarian and my dream is to do lots of charity work with animals and conservation teams. Animals are so intelligent and kind when we love them the way they deserve to be loved. They make me so happy and always put a smile on my face.

7: Pretty Dresses


I instantly feel good about myself when I am wearing a pretty, flattering dress. Vintage style dresses are my favourite but i also love bohemian style clothing and even the occasional cocktail dress!

8: Keeping A Journal


Recently I started a bullet journal, but i have been keeping a diary for over 10 years and I honestly feel it is the best way for me to vent my feelings and remember events (aside from vlogging on my youtube channel- link on my home page) It is so calming and fun!

9: Healthy Food_20170528_204747

My happiness is intrinsically linked to my health. I feel crap when I eat junk food and I feel good when I eat clean. I actually wish I ate clean 100% of the time but realistically this will never happen because I love cake too much.

10: Blogging/Vlogging And My Followers

I am a treeStrong limbed and deeply rootedMy fruit is bittersweetI am your mother (3)

You all leave me lovely comments every single day and it is hard not to be happy when you are part of such a lovely community. I am so grateful for each one of you that follows my blog/youtube channel/instagram because it keeps me going and motivates me to carry on. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope I can give you back even a sprinkle of the happiness you give me.

Lots Of Love




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