Travel Diaries- Brighton|A Vlog And Blog!

Hello all! I thought it would be nice to film snippets of my trip to Brighton this weekend! It was a birthday present from my boyfriend for my 21st back in April, to go and see my favourite band The Staves perform and to stay overnight and explore Brighton as I have always wanted to go and its only a 2 hour drive from where I live! I am still so nervous in front of the camera but I am making progress! Here is the vlog and you can continue reading for pictures and more details!

So the whole point of going to Brighton was to see my favourite band, The Staves. They were so incredible live, so talented and I was lucky to be in the front row. The act before them called Mikaela Davis was equally amazing. She is such a talented musician- here are some links to their music!

After we went to the concert, it was nearing midnight so we grabbed some takeaway italian food and headed back to our hotel to eat (finally!). Our hotel was beyond amazing as you can see in my vlog, and the bed was so comfortable. I would have happily slept all day if I didn’t have so much to do!


The following day, we explored Brighton and went to the pier, sea life center and also relaxed on the beach. It was such a blissful day and a lovely change of scenery! My boyfriend completely spoiled me and I had such an amazing time! If you are not from England, then you may or may not be aware of the fact that having clear, sunny days its not very common! It was such a hot, beautiful sunny day which was such a treat considering it was supposed to be cloudy and not as hot.



Thank you to my incredible boyfriend who never fails to make me feel like an absolute princess. I had such a wonderful time and seeing my favourite band was so surreal! I hope you guys enjoy my vlog and this post! I highly recommend you visit Brighton, it truly is beautiful. See you soon!

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