How To Start A Bullet Journal To Organise Your Mind And Life

The Bullet journal method has become really popular over the last year or two, and for good reason! The Bullet Journal is a customisable and forgiving organisation system that you can adjust to suit your own preferences and needs. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it can be a combination of everything. I find it to be an amazing way to track how I am feeling, what I need to do- pretty much everything really! When first hearing about bullet journals, the terms “key”, “future log” “migrating” can be really confusing, but I am here to break it down to you in a really simple way.

To help you understand what exactly you can do with this journal and how to do it yourself, I am letting you peak in to my own bullet journal pages from this month! But first, here are a few things you will need:



To start a bullet journal, all you need is a notebook and some pens. However, if you want to give your journal a pop of colour, I recommend getting some fine liners, markers and highlighters! Whilst any notebook will do, I prefer to use a leuchtturm 1997 journal as it fits the traditional bullet journal format perfectly and it is very high quality. I have the blank plain white a5 one, but you can get many different colours, sizes and paper choices of dotted, grid, line or blank like mine.

How To Create The Journal


There is no set in stone way of creating a bullet journal, but a rough guide is to have an name and address page, followed by an index of all of your pages. My first page consists of a goal page for the year in which I have listed the main things I want to achieve.


You can simply do a bullet pointed list, but I like to doodle and add a bit of colour. The next page I have in my journal is the future log!

What Is A Future Log?


My future log is essentially an overview of my year, from the date I started my journal (for me that was June 2017). I created mini calendars of each month with key events like birthdays, appointments and holidays that highlight the year for me. You can use a future log to plan things you want to do over the year or you can use it just like I have as a calendar/reminder.

Monthly Spreads And Filler Pages

After this page, you can get a bit creative with what you want to write/draw/do to make filler pages, or you can go straight to creating the first title page for the month you started your journal. You could use the following few pages for drawings, movies you want to watch/books you want to read, exercise plans, anything you can think of! I decided to create a page full of little things that make me smile. This included my cat, tea, sunshine, nail polish and other little things I love! For my title page, I simply wrote “June” with some vines, berries and lemons bordering it to give it a summery feel.


The first page of my June spread, is my June Calendar. Unlike the future log, individual monthly calendar’s allow you to go in to more depth. I like to set tasks and to do lists for personal things and other things like blogging! I drew a little doodle of a beach sign as I am going to Brighton this month! As you can see, I also have done a mood tracker. This is really important as I find it is good for my mental well being and it helps me understand why  I feel the way I do. Ladies, I recommend you also track your TOM, if you do not already, as it can indicate why you are feeling a certain way, why your body is behaving a certain way and also to make sure you are in good health. Since losing my left ovary and fallopian tube and part of my right, it is important I track this as I have to make sure I am functioning properly! Sorry If you feel like that is too much information, but it is a fact of life.


For the rest of June, I have pages I would rather not show online, such as finances and expenses/spending/budget and personal things like thoughts/ideas etc! You can really personalise a bullet journal for whatever you want be it to track your life, schedule or even to use it to help motivate you to stick to an exercise and diet regime! I hope this post was somewhat helpful and If you would like to know anything else, I would be happy to answer! See you again soon! xox

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