Garnier Olia Hair Dye Review- Best Hair Dye On The Market?

Today I decided to give my hair a DIY makeover. My hair has been every colour under the sun, but I always revert back to my natural brown shades or a deep black. However, I can never stop thinking about red hair. I think red hair is so beautiful, but I am not willing to bleach my hair in order to achieve it. I also did not want to part with my dark locks, so I decided to go for an “in-between” shade of reddish brownish/black…


I decided to pick up the Garnier Olia Hair Dye in the shade “Deep Cherry” which was on offer for Β£6.99 for one or two for Β£11. My hair needed two boxes which is pretty standard whenever I dye my hair.

I was drawn to this box as it said it was made with 60% flower oils and no ammonia. I use oil on my hair Β for everything and I absolutely swear by it, especially flower oils. I have seen first hand how oils have changed my hair, so I couldn’t wait to try this product. No ammonia was such a bonus as I hate that horrible, strong, chemical smell that has me choking for clean air the whole time. Let’s face it, hair dye is not the best thing in the world for you. This dye claims to turn even dark hair like mine a deep cherry red and visibly make the hair look healthier. I rolled my eyes to this, because I have never used a hair dye that actually turns out like the picture on the box , but as you will soon see, I was very surprised by the outcome.

After leaving the dye on for 30 minutes, whilst washing it out I could actually feel how soft my hair was. I am due for a hair cut and was slightly worried that the dye would make my hair feel really dry and split, but even whilst wet, I could tell it was softer. On using the conditioner provided in the pack and drying my hair, I was amazed by how shiny and healthy my hair looked and also how well the colour turned out.


Considering the fact that my hair had multiple different tones in it before hand, the dye made my hair a very even reddish/brown colour which was exactly what I wanted. I love the fact that I don’t have those awful bright red roots and patchy looking hair that a lot of red box dyes seem to produce. It looks a lot more like a professional finish compared to a “do it yourself” job.

The application was so easy and mess free due to the lovely creamy texture of the dye. It washed out easily and it didn’t irritate my hair or skin at all. Best of all, it has a really pleasant, floral smell. If like me, you hate the smell of freshly dyed hair, this could be a product for you. I am so happy with the results and I would recommend this dye to anyone looking to add a bit of a red tint to their hair. I would not recommend this colour for very light hair/blonde hair as it definitely seems to have been made for dark hair in mind and I feel it would make for quite the multi-tonal look if you have highlighted hair… and not in a good way. I hope this review was helpful! See you soon and thank you for reading! xox


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