Dirty Works Bath And Body Care Review! (Better Than Soap And Glory?)

Today I will be reviewing the wonderful British brand, Dirty Works! (Not sponsored, I just love these products and can not believe they are not more known about). Dirty Works create cruelty free bath, body care and beauty products that are extremely affordable and come in the most gorgeous, girly packaging complete with some serious vintage glamour vibes, which is what caught my attention initially as I waltzed down the aisle in the supermarket, Sainburys. Yes, you can buy this in the supermarket! You can imagine my delight upon seeing these gorgeous products whilst grocery shopping. Sadly, my local Sainsburys store only carries a few of the products and I desperately would like to try their skin care and beauty products as from everything I have tried so far,  I’m hooked.

Dirty Works is undeniably reminiscent of the brand Soap And Glory, however it completely holds its own, its more affordable and I actually find myself reaching for my Dirty Works products over my Soap And  Glory Products as the scent is simply divine. The signature fragrance; a blend of vibrant fruity top notes of Peach and Cassis with subtle floral tones of Rose, Jasmine and Orange Blossom supported by base notes of Vanilla and Amber is deliciously moreish, delicate and it lasts all day and I feel it has a much more sophisticated and glamorous smell to it compared to my Soap And Glory products which I of course love, but find very, very sweet and sickly at times. So, on to the review of some of the products I picked up!

The Big  Chillout Bath Soak- £3.50


I am writing about this product first as it is by far my favourite bubble bath on the planet. I love it so much. I did not think it was possible to feel this way about a bath soak, but my god its perfect. Formulated with a decadent essential oil blend of Mandarin and Rock Rose, Chamomile and Lavender Extract, antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and softening Shea Extract, it is a soak that leaves you feeling soft, relaxed and of course smelling wonderful. For £3.50, it is extremely affordable and it creates the most wonderful relaxing bath.

Also pictured is That Fiji Feeling-Coconut Body Wash. I normally avoid coconut shower products as I find the smell is often a bit too sweet and synthetic, but this particular wash is blended with passion fruit extract which creates a very summery, tropical smell. The coconut oil and allantoin help to lock moisture in the skin and I find this is a very gentle, pleasant product to use and it makes me wish I was on holiday! It is only £2.50 so its such a bargain!

Glow Girl Buttery Body  Scrub £4.00


This lovely scrub is made from Sea Salt, Pumice and Peach Stone and it gently buffs away all those pesky dry patches on your skin. I find some scrubs to be a bit too harsh on my skin, but this is blended with Shea Butter and it is so silky soft to use. It really does feel like a butter without the greasiness and a little goes a long way! As it contains pumice, it makes a wonderful foot scrub if you fancy giving yourself a pampering pedicure!

Bling It On Shimmer Lotion- £4.00


Okay, I was quite dubious about this product. The colour terrified me as I have very fair skin and I was convinced it would make me look like an orange, but I was pleasantly surprised when it simply gave my skin a sparkly, radiant glow. However, it is the scent of this product that truly makes it stand out. For only £4.00, this body lotion smells like an expensive french perfume that you could picture Audrey Hepburn wearing, and the scent really lingers on the skin. It is the Dirty Works signature scent blended with essential oils of Rock Rose, Neroli and Jasmine and I do not bother wearing perfume when I use this, which is nearly every day at the moment. It is so lovely to wear on a sunny say as it makes you look like a beautiful little disco ball (in a good way!) and it is not sticky or heavy so it lasts well when worn in the heat. I shall be taking it with me to Majorca later this year!

You do need to wash your hands after using this product as you will have some rather sparkly residue left over. As you can see, I did not read the packaging until after and I was walking around like this…


The final thing I bought that I thought I would give a quick mention was a cute, polka dot drawstring wash bag at only £2.50. I liked this just because it is sturdy and a good size and makes a change to boring old plain wash bags!

I hoped you all liked today’s review! You can order Dirty Works online (click here)  and they have INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! So do not worry if you are not living here as you still have access to all of the products! I truly love this brand, I love their ethics, their quality and of course the products and I can not believe that more bloggers do not speak about them?! I highly recommend that you give them a go! I also used my new camera today! Let me know if the picture quality is any better.  See you next time! xxx


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11 thoughts on “Dirty Works Bath And Body Care Review! (Better Than Soap And Glory?)

  1. Thank you so much for this post, I’m a huge lover of soap & glory and have honestly never really given much attention for dirty works but now, I am so eager to try their products. The packaging is gorgeous and I love how affordable they are, I really want the butterfly body scrub.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

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