I Just Had Surgery!

Hello every one! This is my first blog post following my operation that I had on Tuesday this week, so I am going to make it short and snappy with a quick update as most of you are already aware of why I had surgery. If you do not know, follow this link as it will make a lot more sense! (Click Me!)

My surgery went extremely well. I will be posting a video of my experience when I am a bit better as there is no way I can describe it in depth in a blog post but in short; they discovered a second ovarian cyst during surgery and managed to remove both cysts whilst, miraculously, saving part of my right ovary, so I am still fertile and still receive all the hormones that I need. Luckily, I did not have to have stents in my kidneys. My surgeon opted to use catheters that were removed whilst I was still asleep so I do not have to go back for a second surgery! My surgeon said that he has never seen an ovarian cyst as big as mine in someone of my age in his very long career. I lost over a stone in weight overnight after surgery from the removal of the cysts and I was discharged from hospital on Friday the 19th which is earlier than expected. I am doing very well. I am a bit sore and I tire very easily, but I am overwhelmed with relief and happiness and am glad to be on the road to recovery. This week has been hard physically and mentally, purely from the trauma of surgery. The first few days were of course the most challenging, but today I am feeling 100% more like my old self and I am very motivated to get better.

I am so excited to be back on here blogging and doing what I love. The next few months are looking amazing and I have lots of exciting things planned for you guys. (We’re talking Vlogs/more blog-posts/fashion posts/giveaways/the whole shebang). I want to give something back to you all following the immense amount of support you have given me through what has been one of the most challenging few months of my life. No words are enough to say thank you and how grateful I am, so I am going to leave it here until I find a better way to phrase it. I love you all and I am so excited for the future. Here are a few pictures before and after surgery!






See you again soon! Make sure to follow/subscribe so you do not miss a post! ā¤ xxx

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