Foxy Locks Extensions- very HONEST Review!

Today I will be reviewing a set of Foxy Locks Superior 230g 20″  Clip In Extensions. Mine are in the shade Black/Brown. I bought these extensions myself and I have had them for over a year and a half- I have previously purchased the deluxe set twice, once in 2012 and once in 2014. The current set of extensions I have, I can not fault at all. I love them and the quality is superb. When I first purchased the deluxe set in 2012, the quality was amazing. They were so thick and gorgeous and at the time I wore them nearly every day to school. They lasted a year but I eventually needed to repurchase. When I repurchased them, I found the quality was drastically different. They were much, much thinner and far less durable. They went ratty and awful after only a few months. This put me off repurchasing them for quite a while. When I finally decided to repurchase, I went for the superior set as it is supposed to be much thicker. I decided to just go for it to see if they were any good. If they were terrible I would return them but luckily this set was excellent. When I browsed online, I noticed that other people had issues with receiving extensions that were not as good as their previous sets. For me, this is a bad sign as the products should be consistent but it seems to be that the quality is either really good or really bad.

I do not wear extensions every day anymore; I may wear them for special occasions or when I am going out/doing a specific look but they get no more than 3 times of wear in a month on average. The extensions can be curled, straightened, dyed and styled. I wear extensions solely for extra thickness and length when I fancy it! As for the current product I own as pictured, I really do love it and I have nothing bad to say about it. However,  I do have some things I found particularly annoying about the actual company. I looked at reviews of Foxy Locks online and saw that it had very mixed ratings and I found that most of the negative reviews had the same bone to pick as me…



Information About The Extensions I Currently Own:

  • For £132, the Superior Set comes with 8 wefts of Remy Human Hair (a full head of hair!). Remy hair is the highest quality hair you can get on the market. All the cuticles face down in one direction which makes them silky soft and tangle free. Unlike synthetic extensions, these human hair extensions do not have that artificial looking plastic shine. They look very natural against your own hair and blend perfectly.
  • The wefts are tightly sewn together and have silicone coated clips that keep the hair from slipping and to prevent damage. They are comfortable to wear and I find that I do not have to back brush or tease my hair to get this to stay put.
  • I wash these extensions whenever I feel they need it- Which is not very often. I treat them like my own hair so they stay strong and in good condition. I always use heat protection spray when styling as they are still human hair and need to be cared for in the same way as the hair on your head.
  • I store my extensions in the Foxy Locks Hanging Storage Case. It costs £15 which I do think is a bit ridiculous for a glorified hanger, but I do believe it is essential in maintaining the extensions and it is great for travel.

Things I Really Disliked

  • Poor Customer Service- When you go online and type in Foxy Locks Reviews, you get very mixed opinions and most of the time, the product is not the thing at fault. I have always found the customer service at Foxy Locks, absolutely dreadful. It truly is very, very poor (in my experience). One of my orders was taking over two weeks to ship, despite the fact I live in the UK where the company is based and had paid for faster postage. I could not get in contact with anyone and there is no number to call that I could see on the site- I am not sure if this is different now but back then, there was only a contact form which they say they will respond to within 24 hours but it took days for me to get a response which wasn’t even the slightest bit helpful.
  • Hit And Miss Products- When you are paying over £100 for a product, the quality should be consistent. This was not the case for Foxy Locks which is very off putting and causes lots of mixed reviews, so knowing whether they are any good is a bit of a gamble.
  • The Smell- When I got these extensions, they had a nasty chemical smell, possibly from a treatment on the hair. It really is not pleasant and I had to wash the hair a few times to get the smell out. I had not had this problem before so it made me wonder if all of the hair is actually quality hair.
  • Where does the hair come from?- I hate the fact that despite lots of research, I still can not find where Foxy Locks source their hair from and this really bothers me as I do not know how ethical the product is.

Overall Views

In all honesty, I would not purchase Foxy Locks again, purely because I think £132 is a lot to pay if you don’t know what the quality is going to be like. If you have the money then go for it as you may get sent an excellent set, but personally I do not like taking so much of a gamble in my purchase. I think I just got lucky with this particular set but once it needs replacing I will not bother. I do not wear them enough to justify risking purchasing another set so I am content to use the ones I have until they are no longer wearable!

It is such a shame as Foxy Locks do some truly amazing extensions when you get sent a good set, but overall I have very mixed feelings and will not bother with them again! I hope this review could be helpful/interesting to you! See you soon XOX


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