5 High Street Holy Grail Products

I have put together a small collection of my all time favourite high street beauty products that I always repurchase. In all honesty, I tried really hard not to just post a bunch of Soap And Glory products as they honestly are my go to high street brand as everything they do is simply fabulous- I am thinking of going out and doing a Soap And Glory Haul as soon as I am out of surgery and able to move! But here are my 5 product picks- enjoy!

Products 1&2- Maybelline and Revlon Nail Polish


I adore these two brands for nail polish. The Maybelline Forever Pro Polish is only £4.49 and the quality is superb. I also thought this purple(Shade- Lilac Charm) was really fitting for the season! It goes on perfectly in two coats and dries really well. It also does not chip for quite a few days which is fab. The Revlon Parfumerie Polish (Shade Pink Pineapple) is actually scented! Which, is a bit of a novelty and completely unnecessary but I like the odd little quirk of it. The colour is also a lovely neutral pink that looks beautiful alone or as a french manicure. It retails for £6.49 and it looks beautiful and glossy when applied- a real salon looking finish!

Product 3- Dove Derma Spa Intensive Hand Treatment


This hand cream is a real treat for the hands and only costs £5.49. It has a delicate light scent and it absorbs in to the hands really quickly. I slather a load of this on whenever my hands need that extra bit of attention or if they are feeling particular dry. A few people I know with dry skin conditions love this cream and vouch that it really does work!

Product 4- Soap And Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel


If it wasn’t already obvious from the previous products, I like to take good care of my hands. In fact, it borders on obsessive. I used to wash and sanitize my hands A LOT and I have this weird fear of germs and contamination, but I found it would dry my hands out really badly. This stuff not only smells divine, but it leaves my hands feeling cleansed, moisturised and does not dry them out. Its only £2.50! A little goes a long way also. I like to keep this handy in my purse for those emergency moments!

Product 5- Soap And Glory- The Righteous Butter

wp-1494682166295. I do not know many people who do not love this product. I will always remember when I was at University,  sitting in the corridor of our accommodation with a few of my flatmates and all of us were liberally smothering ourselves in this delectable body butter. The corridor smelt fantastic and we were left feeling silky soft and relaxed. I honestly get through so much of this product as if it is going out of fashion and I can never get enough. It is rich, creamy, and does exactly what it says on the tin. It is £10 for 300ml and it is so, so worth it. Get it, you will love it I promise!

What are your go to high street/drugstore beauty products- Let me know in the comments below! I hoped you liked todays post, see you soon! xox


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