What’s In My Bag?- Hospital Edition!

Hello every one! Today I thought I would share with you what is in my hospital bag. Β It is now only 4 days until I have major surgery- It still feels so surreal! As I will be in hospital for a few days following surgery, I had to put together a bag with some essentials. When you are initially admitted in to hospital, you can only bring a few things and then once you are admitted to your ward following surgery, more items can be bought in for you so this is literally the basics of what I have to bring with me on the day. I went out and bought lots of new bits for the hospital as I wanted to be as comfortable as possible and also a bit of shopping can relieve stress I thing! πŸ˜‰ Β I spent around Β£40 in total and most things I bought were from Primark.


The bag I am using is just a cheap satchel from Primark that cost Β£12. It is a lovely pale pink faux leather bag and it is the perfect size for everything that I need to bring on the day.

Night Wear/Underwear


When I first go in to surgery I will be wearing a hospital gown, butΒ after you can bring your own night wear to change in to. The type of surgery I am having is called a laparotomy, which is open surgery that requires an incision from the bikini line up to the abdomen, so this area of my body will be bound and stitched. I opted for cheap night dresses from primark (Β£5 each I believe) as they are very loosely fitted and because they are so cheap, it’s not really a big deal if they get stained with blood from the incision. I also have a lightweight dressing gown to lounge in and comfy underwear that will not catch on stitching.


I also have packed some lovely little slippers from Primark that were only Β£4! They fit very well considering I only have small feet and they are memory foam so they are very comfortable and easy to walk in. The bottom has good grip also which is definitely important on those hard, hospital floors.


For the first two days it is likely I will not be able to move a whole lot but I want to keep myself feeling clean still so I picked up some Batiste Travel Size shampoo. I also picked up travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Deodorant. I also have of course packed a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor. I opted for the Sanex shower gel as it is very gentle on the skin and will not irritate the skin where the stitches are.

PicsArt_05-12-11.38.59Β As I may not be very mobile straight away, I got some face and body wipes so I can keep myself as clean as possible. As soon as I feel able I will have a shower but in the meanwhile, wipes will have to suffice!


Finally, I sneaked in my little Chewbacca teddy that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas! I think it is so cute and it is comforting to have something from home with me.

That is everything in my hospital bag! I will keep you all updated with my surgery, hospital experience and health! See you soon




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