My Nail Polish Collection With Nail Art Looks & Polish Recommendations!

Today I had a nail polish “de-clutter” and a shelf reshuffle! I had to throw away a lot of old or dried up polishes but I still have over 120 left so I am pretty happy! This may seem like a lot of nail polish to some and to others this may be seen as a small collection in comparison to theirs so I thought I would share it with you! You might see a few colours you like!

The brands I own most of are Essie, Models Own, Orly, BarryM, OPI and Nails Inc. The bottom “messy” corner is a mix of different miscellaneous nail polishes from a mix of brands, mostly Ciate, L’oreal, Rimmel London, Maybelline and Max Factor. I have bought nearly all of my nail polishes with my own money and I have been collecting nail polish for a really long time. I definitely did not go out and buy all of this at once! Though a dream of mine is to go on a HUGE nail polish shop.



Essie nail polishes retail for about £5.99 to £7.99 each and they are one of my favourite formulas to work with. These polishes chip the least out of all of my polishes and they are by far some of my favourites for red and blue shades! They are amazing for beautiful neutral shades also.

You should try:

  • Style Hunter
  • Mind Your Mittens
  • Style Cartel
  • Fashion Playground



Orly retails for £10 on average so it is one of the pricier brands however the bottles are huge so you get a lot for the price! I have found that most of my Orly polishes last for quite a few days before chipping and many only need one coat to reach full opacity.

You should try:

  • Luxe
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Soul Mate


OPI retails for around £7-12 depending on where you buy it from but you can get it fairly cheap online. OPI by far have the best range of colours I have ever seen from a nail polish brand. They are simply gorgeous and have a beautiful, professional finish. They work fantastically for nail art and OPI is my favorite place to get white shades and pastel shades.

You should try:

  • My Private Jet
  • Hula-rious
  • This Silvers Mine

Nails Inc

Nails Inc retails for £7.50 in most places and the colours are simply divine. They do gorgeous glitters which I absolutely adore and the quality is very, very high. It looks like a salon finish every time.

You should try:

  • Marylbone road
  • Westbourne Gardens
  • Electric Lane Holo Topcoat

Barry M

Barry M costs only £2.99 to £4.99 most of the time so it is very affordable. The Gelly polishes are incredible and I am honestly surprised that the polishes are so affordable as they look very high end on the nails. I really love every single polish I have ever seen from Barry M. Some require a few more coats than perhaps a polish from a salon brand but once fully applied, they look stunning.

You should try:

  • Catwalk Queen
  • Pomegranate Gelly
  • Cardamom Gelly

Models Own

I do not actually buy Models Own as much as I used to but Models Own is a great place to start if you are new to nail art as they are famed for their nail polish shaped bottle shops all over the UK. Nail Polish really is their specialty, so you can expect some really unique colours. They have some really lovely lines such as the Diamond Luxe and Hyper gel and chrome collections. I find these take a while to dry and are very thick, but the colour payoff is great and the range is very beautiful, once dry they look incredibly stunning and they always bring out very unique, beautiful lines. They are very good for nail art which is why I have kept so many! They retail for around £4.99 each so they are quite affordable.

You should try:

  • Hypergel Cerise Shine
  • Chrome Blue
  • Diamond Luxe Heart Red


Nail Art And Swatches

Here are a few of my nail art designs done on my own natural nails that I thought you might like! Check out my nail page for more nail art and nail care tips! I hope you liked today’s post, see you again soon!

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