Finding Your Feet As A Blogger

Recently, I feel like I have really started to understand what my direction is as a blogger. I know what it is that I truly enjoy blogging about and I am becoming more comfortable and confident in my posts. I really love vintage beauty, glamour, alternative fashion, health and well being, travel and nail art and I am slowly but surely creating my own little space where I can express all of these passions! After an on and off relationship with blogging since this time last year, since deciding to relaunch and recreate my blog back at the beginning of March 2017, I feel like I am finally finding my feet, which can actually be really hard to do.

The main thing holding me back was my own confidence and apprehensions and also wondering what it is that I wanted out of blogging. For myself, it has been complete escapism from reality and a place where I could write about everything that makes me happy. When I first got in to blogging, I had just dropped out of University, I was unemployedΒ and in a really bad place mentally. Blogging gave me direction and a distraction, but back then I still was not sure what it was that I wanted to write about. I found myself writing lots of random, fairly unrelated posts that did not quite go together. I even started writing for an online magazine. The position was not a payed job, but it did help me develop some great, essential skills. I realised fairly quickly that neither of these things were actually bringing me any kind of creative joy and I found myself quickly getting absorbed in to only caring about followers, likes and views.

All of these things are of course important to most bloggers. We obviously want our blog to be enjoyed by others however I found myself spewing out posts that I only wrote because they appealed to a larger audience, which is a trap most newbie bloggers get in to anyway. The only posts I felt truly proud of were the ones to do with my true passions and through these posts I found like minded people who loved all the same things and shared the same views as me! I ended up deleting that previous blog because it did not inspire me to write. I then took a period of time off as I got a new job in a school and was working on my mental health.

I relaunched my blog back in March when I was in a really good place. I am still in a really good place! Since then I have been blogging about only the things I love and the things that inspire me. When you blog about what you truly care about and are good at, it all comes very naturally. With my new healthy mindset, I love sharing how I overcame my own struggles with mental health and my philosophy on life today. I also relaunched my blog around the same time I discovered that I had some health issues which turned out to be a huge ovarian cyst that may have some life changing consequences for me and I have been blogging about my journey ever since. My surgery is one week from today and without this blog, I am not sure if I would have coped with the strength and courage that I have. The community here is so friendly and supportive and all of my followers have been so kind and loving towards me when i needed it most.

Finding my feet blogging was also about finding my feet as a person. It sounds dramatic but it is true, because my blog is a reflection of me and my life and loves. I wanted it to be intimate, personal, honest and above all, a happy positive place. That was key to me this time round as I know what an important, positive influence other blogs have been on me during my times of need. I am so happy with where I am with my blog right now and it is only the beginning. I love my little family of followers and I look forward to seeing what the futures holds.

The truth is, I do not know where I am going with this blog. I take each day as it comes. But, what I do know is that I have finally started to create the space I always wanted and I am proud of where I am at today. When you are trying to find your feet as a new blogger, making mistakes is inevitable. I still make them and I still have so much to learn and so much more room for improvement, but the key is to be persistent and not give up.

If you have a vision, go with it, even if it sounds a bit odd to others. It is your oddness that makes you unique and special and what will make your blog stand out. Thank you all for joining me on my journey so far and I really look forward to what the future holds!

Love Elizabeth



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