Ultimate Nail Care Guide- A Must Read for Men And Women!

Hello everyone! This is my essential nail care routine that can apply to men and women. I think looking after your nails is extremely important. Well groomed nails look good on everyone and they make you feel good too and also not to forget to mention that it is in keeping with good hygiene to look after your nails. I will be listing a few products I really do believe are essential but I promise that these do work and they are not sponsored in any way, shape or form. I discovered these things through my own trial and error and also when I did a Nail Diploma back in 2013.

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My Ultimate Nail Care Guide

Why you need a decent nail file

The first thing at the top of my list that I am strongly suggesting you do, is to bin those AWFUL cardboard nail files. Burn the little suckers. Those cardboard nail files are easy on the budget and may appear to do the job, but they are actually doing a lot of damage to the nails.

Cardboard nail files, otherwise known as emery boards, come in different levels of “grit” that determine how fine or coarse the nail file is. Using an emery board labeled with a grit of less than 180, can shift the layers of the natural nail plate causing the nail to split and break. Also, there is a reason these files are disposable, often coming in packs of 10 or more… You can not wash emery boards. They harvest a LOT of bacteria. Like, a ridiculous amount. So although they are cheap, they do not last long anyway so you have to keep on replacing them and they ultimately do not do any good for the nails.

I would recommend investing in a good crystal nail file. I know this sounds a bit luxurious and ridiculous, but for roughly £10-£15 they will last 25 years if you look after them. They can easily be washed by submerging in hot water and they are incredible gentle on the nail. When I started using a crystal file about 6 years ago, my nails rarely broke unless i trapped them in something. I recommend the Leighton Denny Crystal Files as they are very high quality and will only set you back £12.50.

I recommend filing your nails once or twice a week and keeping a file in your bag for emergencies. Contrary to popular belief that you should file at an angle, you should actually file flat against the nail tip. If you angle the file, it will thin the nail tip and cause breakage. Also, do not file too far into the sides of the nails; it will weaken the nail at the stress point, causing breakage.


Keep them clean and white and break free

This sounds obvious but you would be amazed how many people skip washing their nails. Keeping nails clean is not only important so they look good but it prevents infection and discoloration. Using a small amount of antibacterial soap and nail brush in warm water, soak your nails for 2-3 minutes. Gently remove any stubborn dirt with a toothpick or nail brush. I do a deep clean like this twice a week but I give my nails a quick scrub whilst I am shower every day. Also, DO NOT CUT YOUR CUTICLES. PLEASE.

Cutting cuticles is purely cosmetic and does not benefit the nails at all. It can actually harm them because the cuticle is there to stop bacteria and fungus getting in to them. Removing them removes the protection. Instead, soak your finger tips in warm water and gently push the cuticles back with an orange stick.

To keep nails white and free from discolouration and breakage, I always recommend keeping nails painted with a strengthening base coat such as OPI Nail Envy or NailsInc Hangover Base Coat. This not only helps to prevent breakage and promote strong nails but it can actually help them grow and minimise discolouration. If like me, you paint your nails all the time, some discolouration is unavoidable no matter what you do so the base coat is a great idea to minimise it.

I also never wear fake nails or have my nails done with acrylic or gel and i only use acetone free polish remover. It is not a secret that these things completely thin the nail. I would recommend following all of these tips if you wish to grow your natural nails long. My nails can grow very long thanks to this nail care guide, though i do like to keep them a bit shorter as that is just what I like!



Getting rid of dry, peeling nails and surrounding skin

Nails need to be moisturised daily, just like the skin on your face and protected from anything that may cause them to dry out. Always wear gloves when washing up or when the weather is cold to prevent chapping. If you bite and pick your nails, they will also go dry and peel. I have never been a nail biter but I am aware that it is an extremely hard habit to kick. Because I have never been a nail biter I cannot give a lot of advice on how to kick the habit so here is a link to a great article for that! (Click here).

I recommend using a great hand and nail moisturiser every night. I like “Endless Glove” by soap and glory as it is a lotion and mask in one, so you can use it as a deep treatment for very dry nails. To do this, soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes and pat dry. Lather the cream all over your hands and pop in a pair of gloves over night. Your hands will feel like silk in the morning!


I also recommend keeping a tin of Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle butter on hand. It is a life saver in the winter months or if you have particular issues with peeling nails. Finally, do not use your nails as tools. Opening cans, scraping things, prying things open… try not to do it. As the famous quote goes “Your nails are jewels, do not use them like tools!”

That is it for my top tips on keeping your nails clean and strong. I hope this may have been of some use to you and that you learned something new! If you have any tips that I have missed, please leave them in the comments below! See you soon!

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