Nail Polish Storage Solutions

Very quick post- Just wanted to let you all know about this great shelving unit I bought from Amazon, so that I could store some of my nail polish in an easy to access, upright way! (Click here for the shelf I bought)

The shelving unit only cost Β£24 and it holds up to 100 bottles. Mine currently has 76 or something on there and there is plenty of room still to fit some more of my nail polish bottles on there! I kind of wish I got the bigger shelf because I do own an awful lot of nail polish and my collection is still growing but it is really great and sturdy. It just screws up on the wall (thank you to my boyfriend for doing that for me) and can hold a decent amount of weight!


I always try to store polish upright and away from direct sunlight! So this has been perfect! Previously I was using cardboard boxes as i had ran out of room which was okay but it all just got in the way and was a bit bulky. I like to be able to see my nail polishes also, so that I can just pick one freely! Let me know if you would like me to do a nail polish collection post as i would be happy to!


See you soon!


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