Just be you- Avoiding Stereotypical Beauty Blogging

I have to be honest with you, I feel like my previous blog design was not me. Well, it was me, but only a little part of me. It was very girly and very pink. I am very girly and I do have a thing for pink.. but did you know that my favourite colour is actually blue?

Colours aside, what I am trying to say is that I feel like my blog was not representing who I am. I felt like the design categorised me to some extent as just another “beauty blogger.” As much as I love beauty, it is not my main passion nor is it the main thing I blog about; I never even set out to make just a beauty blog, but i became nervous to write about anything else. I felt like I was getting a toothache every time I looked at my blog with the nauseating, overtly sugary girly tones. I left it that way for so long as I knew it appealed to a certain audience, but I have to be myself and be honest about how I feel in regards to blogging.

I feel like when I started blogging, I got a bit sucked in to the stereotypical beauty blog style of blogging because it seemed to attract more views… and it’s not really me. I have so many interests. Vintage beauty is a really big part of that, but I found I haven’t even done that many posts on vintage beauty because I felt myself trying to pander to what I thought people would want to read. I haven’t been doing that recently. I never cared about getting followers or views, I just wanted to write about what I love and talk to people who liked the same things as me. Now, I only write what I want to write and I have noticed that people do actually care about what I have to say, which is really nice. I have managed to get to know so many awesome blogs and people just through being authentically myself, and it makes me really happy.

With my new-found confidence in myself and what I like to write, I decided to just strip away at my blog and create something that I am actually proud of, which means I have deleted some posts and changed a few things around. Blogging is escapism for me and a way for me to vent at times and I want to create a space where I can talk about what I truly love, which I set out to do in the beginning. I am really happy with the direction my blog is going in and I hope you like it too!

I find that a lot of people get trapped in the stereotypical “beauty blogger” style of blogging. I am all for people writing whatever the hell they want, but so many blogs are near identical now because people get trapped in to writing what sells. It is the same as a lot of content makers on YouTube. Blogging becomes less about creating original content and more about selling particular products in order to gain views and followers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beauty blogs. They are a great way to discover new products and get new ideas on fashion and makeup styles… but so many blogs just mimic each other which is such a shame. I don’t think that everyone needs to strive to be different by any means, but blatantly copying posts just because they gain views is a bit… well its just a bit sad and unfair on those who have tried really hard to write original content. But it is so easy to get trapped in to.

I feel like a lot of bloggers are afraid to write about the things they love, because views and followers have become more important than really good content. It seems to be quantity over quality a lot of the time. It is not even the bloggers fault, it’s just the way society is. Certain things sell, certain things do not and some things just sell less than others.

When you create a blog, just be you. Write and create what you want to create, forget about views and followers, it is not the most important thing in the world. You’ll find you actually gain more of those when you are being yourself anyway. Every single person on this planet is unique and has something different to contribute. You never know, you might stumble across a few new faces along the way!

Disclaimer- I do not mean to offend any one with my own opinions. They are literally just MY opinions and obviously, you can write whatever the fuck you want and design your blog however you like. There are just certain things I would rather not do and that is okay. If your blog is sugary and pink, good for you! If your blog is black and dark, brill! It is your choice. But blatantly copying someone else’s content is, in my opinion, wrong. That’s all I have left to say!

Have a lovely afternoon!,




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  2. I’m glad you have found the confidence to blog about what YOU want to! :). Before I started my blog, I read so many different articles about how your blog should have a ‘niche’ and just stick to that. I’m glad I decided to ignore that, I blog about a wide range of things and love it! I would like to hear about your vintage beauty 🙂

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  3. FallenVirtue says:

    I completely agree. I used to have a blog on Blogger and I really didn’t feel like it was very me. I had my own domain so I kept it going but it felt forced so I stopped doing it. In march I decided to start a new blog and make it more personal, and I love it. I am just starting out so I’ve got a lot of work to do but it is much more enjoyable now the blog is more “me”. Nice to see a blogger that has had the same thing xxx


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