Surgery Update- I finally have a date! Kind of.

This is only going to be a very short post but I just wanted to say that I finally, after what felt like years of waiting, have a surgery date! Well, kind of.

There are two possible dates in the beginning and middle of May that I will be having surgery, but they will book me in for the earlier one if they can. It all depends on how soon my second surgeon is available. The reason I have been waiting so long is because they were struggling to find a date in which both my gynecological surgeon and urologist surgeon are available and also because my main surgeon was booked up for the entirety of April with appointments that could not be moved, likely due to the fact my surgeon deals with a lot of patients with confirmed cancer diagnosis. As I do not have a confirmed cancer diagnosis and have very low risk of malignancy, Ii had to wait a bit longer which although is selfishly quite frustrating, I would obviously rather wait if someone in a worse condition than me needs help. I am a fairly patient person but the past couple of months or so have felt like an eternity so I am just glad to finally have some kind of information to work with.

It has been a really strange thing to come to terms with since I had my diagnosis- not so much because I need major surgery but more due to the fact that what I have is so abnormal. I have a large ovarian cyst… abnormally large… in fact it is so huge that most doctors I see are completely gobsmacked by it and the fact it was misdiagnosed more than once. To give some kind of context, my best friend has an ovarian cyst that is about 3cm in size and in her letter from the doctor they described it as large… mine is about the size of a baby in the late stage of pregnancy if not bigger; my best friends and I had a bit of a giggle over that as you can imagine, because its just so ridiculously big. I will possibly post some pictures of before an after surgery but that is not something I feel comfortable doing until this is all over with.

I have reached the point where I am just relieved that this alien is going to be removed from my body. Although it may have some very unpleasant consequences, nothing is ever going to be as horrible to deal with as having this thing in my body. I will be glad to see it go and my nerves are fairly minimal right now. (I am sure ill be more nervous on the day of surgery however.) I am really proud of myself because I have kept my shit together pretty well through all of this. I feel ready to take on anything now and I cant wait to recover and get on with my life. I will of course post more updates as I get more information but that is all for today!

Lots of love,




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