Another Health Update; Not looking too good. 11/04/07

Hello all! I have not been posting as much over the past couple of weeks because truthfully I haven’t been feeling great. I spent this morning at the hospital because I woke up feeling extremely nauseated and sick. Due to my current health issues, any significant change like this is a bit of a red flagΒ so I have to get it checked out. I found out that my kidney has deteriorated a bit more since my last test and it is no longer concentrating urine the way it should be. My doctor showed me my test results and my results are the exact opposite of what they should be, which obviously is not very good. For some people this can happen because they drink too much water. Your urine should be a pale yellow colour whereas mine is completely clear. It is a huge misconception that this is a good thing because urine should never be too dark or too light. In my case, my doctor believes it is because the Ovarian Cyst is so large that it is really pushing against the kidney which has obviously damaged it, which is why I am having a stent placed in when they remove my cyst and ovary. It is become more and more apparent that I need to have this operation ASAP. I should of had it weeks ago and my doctor was shocked at the fact I am still waiting for a date. I am visiting my GP tomorrow to see if this can be sped up, but considering I am on the urgent list and cancellation list, they are already trying hard to fit me in. My surgeon returns back from holiday next week so hopefully I will hear something soon. Apparently they will likely be doing some medical studies and journals on my case as they said they have never seen anything like it in someone of my age, which is quite interesting! If not slightly unnerving…

In the meantime however, I have been prescribed Co-Codomol to ease the pain and I am just trying to distract myself while I wait. It is my 21st Birthday this Friday which is something to look forward to! I can’t drink obviously, but it will be nice to spend time with lots of family and friends. I really hope I get a date soon. My patience is wearing a bit thin now and I am feeling worse as the days go by. I will keep you all updated but this is all I know for now! Fingers crossed that this will be over soon.


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