The Real, Honest Way To Get Healthy, Shiny Looking Hair!

I find it extremely annoying when you read a blog post or watch a YouTube video on how to get healthy hair and the blogger/vlogger lists off a load of expensive products and tools that you will need, because it is really misleading and completely unnecessary. I thought I would make a little guide on how I get my hair to look shiny and healthy “the real and honest” way with the help of my mermaid assistant Ariel, because it does not need to cost you the earth and you can probably do it with things you already own (I also really love Disney). I have included a video and pictures so you can see how my hair turns out!

The one product I do mention that I believe is a must is hair oil. I literally use it for everything which I will explain in the post! 

My Hair Type

When I asked my hair dresser what hair type I have, he said you have fine hair, but lots of it which I think is pretty accurate. My natural hair colour is a medium reddish brown, but I dye it dark brown or black as I like super dark hair, however I have recently decided to stop dying it as I do like my natural hair colour and because I want to expose it to less damage, so it has faded to the colour you see here.  My hair is naturally wavy but I like to style it to add more defined curls and to create vintage hair styles.

My Guide To Healthy, Shiny Hair

Step One: Brushing And Cutting

areal brush.gif

When I can, I use a detangling brush such as a tangle teezer because they pull the hair less, but any brush will do so long as the bristles are not damaged and falling apart because you may as well just brush your hair with a fork if you are going to do that. Always start from the bottom of your hair and gently work your way up to detangle the hair. Never brush from the top down as you are more likely to split and damage your hair. When my hair is wet, I never use a brush. I just use my fingers to gently run through the hair and get rid of any tangles.

When it comes to getting my hair cut, I do not do it very often. This may sound like I am going against every advice your hair dresser ever told you, but getting my hair trimmed every six weeks is just too much for me and I don’t need to do it. I don’t have any split ends and I last got my hair cut at the beginning of January. I cut my hair a maximum of three times a year which is more than enough for me. I take very good care of my hair and it isn’t very damaged at all.

If you have damaged hair, cut it. Cut off as much as you have too. So many people will not cut their hair when it is damaged as they do not want to lose length, but if you have damaged hair and you do not cut it, the split ends work their way up and your hair literally splits and falls apart. Damaged hair is not a good look for anyone. Bite the bullet and cut it off. It will grow back.

Step Two: Washing


When it comes to washing my hair, I change up my shampoo and conditioner all the time. I have used really expensive products and really cheap products and they all work pretty much the same. The only thing I look out for is products that are cruelty free and also free of nasty chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils. I also try to go as long as possible without washing my hair as I find it stops it getting greasy as quickly and it causes less damage to the hair. Our natural oils in our scalp are really good for the hair and they naturally condition and strengthen it. I can normally go three to four days without washing my hair.

The three things I always do are:

  • Wash in luke warm water  to open the hair follicles and allow the shampoo and conditioner to sink in and then rinse off in the coldest water I can bare to close the cuticles and seal in all of the moisture, leaving a beautiful, natural shine.
  • Leave my conditioner in for as long as possible- I normally leave it in for 10- 15 minutes. I also never put conditioner on the roots of my hair.
  • Use a hair oil as a pre shampoo treatment on dry hair. This prevents my naturally wavy hair from getting frizzy and it also stops my hair drying out.

Step Three:  Drying

aresl dry

If I can, I will let my hair dry naturally. I will towel dry my hair and then run some hair oil in my hair and leave it to air dry. If I am blow drying my hair, I use the lowest heat I can and of course I use my hair oil which works as a heat protection oil before hand. It also leaves my hair silky smooth and shiny when I do this. I always face the hair dryer down, blowing my hair in the same direction which helps to smooth out any frizz. I finish my hair with a blast of cold air to seal the hair cuticles and hold the style. I never tip my hair upside-down when drying it as it makes my hair look frizzy and tangled. If I want more volume, I will use a barrel brush to lift the hair and dry it that way which I find gives a more smooth and blow-out type result.

I will use whatever hair dryer is available. You do not need anything fancy. As you are using a lower heat, it will take longer but it is worth it for the sake of your hair in the long run. When possible though, let your hair dry naturally. If you are using heat on your hair, which I do atleast twice a week, use a heat protecting oil/spray and the lowest heat setting possible.

Step Four- The Finishing Touch & Hair Oil Obsession

the finishing touch.jpg

I love hair oil and I have been using it religiously for eight years. Fear not, it will not make your hair greasy. That is a huge misconception. Hair oils are all are composed of natural oils from a range of different nuts, flowers, plants and more. It also has multiple uses for hair which makes it super convenient and cost effective as it is doing the job of multiple products all in one.

Ways To Use Hair Oil

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Anti-Frizz Treatment (perfect for curly hair)
  • A Styling Product for Drying, Curling And Straightening
  • As A Pre-Shampoo Treatment
  • To Add Shine
  • To Detangle
  • To Hold A Style. I use oil instead of hairspray!

Hair oil is so underrated and it is really worth the money and I always finish my hair with a bit of oil to add shine and moisture. I have two favourite hair oils that really stand out to me.

  • L’Oreal Paris Elvive- Extraordinary Oil– This is almost always on offer for less, but you can pick it up for roughly £5.99 for 100ml in Superdrug/Boots/Tesco. It does all of the things I listed above and it can also protect you hair up to 230 Celsius.
  • KeraStraight Ultimate Oil- For £22.50 for 100ml, this is definitely more of a splurge-buy. But, it is by far the best hair oil I have ever used. I first discovered it when my hair dresser but some in my hair and I was sold instantly by the beautiful smell alone, but honestly it is the most gorgeous, light weight, hydrating oil I have ever used. The L’Oreal Oil is a close second but there is something so luxurious about KeraStraight. Although it costs more, you actually need less of this product for it to work compared to other oils. I love it!

I hope you have found this guide useful! What are your top hair care tips? I would love to know! Love from Elizabeth xox


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