Surgery Update-another bump in the road.

Hello all!

I have a quick update on my surgery situation. As you know, I have been on the urgent list for surgery to remove an Ovarian cyst, an ovary and to sort out my dodgy kidney tube thingie-ma-bob. I have hit another bump in the road as my surgeon is away on holiday and will not be back til the 18th of April which means I still do not have a surgery date.

I am really upset about this as I was supposed to have a date in 1-4 weeks from the day I found out i needed urgent surgery. This means I have to wait a bit longer to get this thing out of me. The problem is that I need two particular surgeons for my operation as not only am I having a super huge cyst removed, but I need to have my one of my ovaries removed, potentially both ovaries. I also need an additional surgeon to sort out my ureter tube as it has been damaged due to the cyst and I need a stent placed in. So basically, they are going to be doing quite a few different things whilst im in for surgery.

If I was older, I was told that I  would have been having a full hysterectomy, but due to the impact that has on someone of my age (20), my surgeon did not want to do it. So, I am lucky to be potentially escaping this with one ovary intact. Also, they 99.9% believe I do not have cancer which is amazing and shows me how blessed I am for my otherwise good health. Despite all these annoying bumps in the road, I am very aware of how lucky I am and reminding myself of my blessings is what is getting me through all of this.

So yes, I am upset. I am extremely irritated and I do occasionally burst in to tears and wonder why this is all happening to me, but I know I am lucky. I know others have it worse. But, I just wish this could all be over with now. I will be called if they have an opening or cancellation to fit me in for surgery sooner, but til then it is still a waiting game.

I will keep you all updated as promised and fingers crossed that I will get some good news soon.

Lots of love,




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