No Makeup Update- One Week Later

It has been just over a week that I have been staying away from base makeup such as foundation, concealer, powder etc, to see if it helps clear up and improve the overall tone of my skin (click here to read original post). I still do makeup such as brows and lipstick/mascara as my focus was purely on my cheek, tzone and jaw line area. I have taken photos of my results so far and my thoughts about it. I took these photos when I just woke up so there is no product on my skin, I am in my pj’s and my hair is a mess; they are not edited AT ALL I promise you, they are accurate. Enjoy.

Results With Clearing Up Acne


At the start of this experiment, I had a really bad breakout on my cheek as the result of hormonal acne that I get bouts of every month, but it was one of the worst breakouts I’ve had in a while so I was not expecting it to go down for a good two weeks. It was very red, raised and irritated and normally takes quite a while to clear up. As you can see, it is gone and I just have a bit of pigmentation that normally heals after a few weeks on its own. The actual blemishes are gone and my skin is very smooth. This has been the biggest bonus for me as it has helped to clear up the breakout withinΒ about three days. The first 48 hours of no makeup made a huge difference and the breakout had calmed down hugely by the third day. My skincare routine has remained the same so I honestly do think that not wearing makeup is why it has cleared up faster than usual. Has it been worth sacrificing my concealer? Yes, 100%.

Impact On Overall Tone Of Skin

Before(Day 2 of no makeup):




I am not sure how clearly the differences show on camera, but I personally have noticed some huge differences after just one week, particular around my t-zone. The skin is much smoother and my pores are barely visible, whereas before they looked a lot larger and the skin was much redder. The dark circles under my eyes have lightened slightly as well. However, I have noticed some dryness around my nostrils that I did not have before but I wonder whether this is my skin adjusting or if it is because there is less moisture going in to my skin. Nonetheless, it is a small price to pay for healthier looking skin.

Overall Feelings About This Experiment

As i said before in my original post, I love makeup and I truly just wanted to see how it helped my skin. Without a shadow of a doubt, cutting back on the makeup is definitely improving my skin. However, I couldn’t help but notice how much I miss makeup and how it became the first thing I noticed on other women when I looked at their faces.

Makeup is so much fun to apply and taking it out of my daily routine felt really weird. I honestly love putting on makeup and I feel like it is an accessory that completes the look I am going for. I have learnt that no way in hell will I ever give up all of my makeup. Don’t even bother asking me to trade in my red lipstick for clear lip balmΒ because it is not going to happen and do not even think about taking my brow products off of me. We have a deep attachment to each other, I have discovered.

However, I will not be wearing it as much as it really has changed the look of my skin. If I really want to wear it, I will wear it. But, if I ever have a day where my skin does not look too peachy, I definitely think I can embrace it. I have realised that I really love my freckles that run across my nose and under my eyes and I do not like to cover them up. I feel like they give my face more character and they are unique to me.

So, am I saying goodbye to makeup forever? Hell no. I love it too much to give it up. I like my face with and without makeup and the feeling of no makeup makes me feel just as good as a full face of makeup. I think everyone should give this challenge a go as you may learn something about yourself that you didn’t already know! I have loved doing this and I am just going to carry on with it!

Lots of love,




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