New! Spring Blends from The Bluebird Tea Co.

The Bluebird Tea Co. are fast becoming my favourite tea company. The tea is not only super amazing (like seriously, everything I have tried is DELICIOUS) but the people who run it and work behind the scenes are so lovely. Every time I order from them, I get a little handwritten note on my parcel and it really makes me smile. It is small touches like that which really make a company stand out. When they released the new spring blends, I just had to buy some sample sizes to taste and review!


There are four teas in the new spring releases:

  • Bears Like Marmalade“Paddington Bear’s beloved orange marmalade infused tea”- contains apple, rosehip, hibiscus, orange peel, sumac berries, lemon peel, orange blossom, natural flavour.

This tea smelt so strong that I could smell it through all of the packaging before id even opened it. It has a gorgeous, strong orange marmalade smell. I was concerned that the tea would be very over powering but I was so shocked to find out how delicate it tastes. It really is a very light flavour and its not at all overpowering. I was eating chocolate when I tried this tea and it reminded me so much of Jaffa Cakes. It is by far my favourite of all of the teas.

  • White Choc Mint- Contains Chinese white tea, cocoa shells,peppermint, cocoa nibs, chocolate sprinkles, liquorice, spearmint, natural flavouring 

I love a chocolate mint tea. Chocolate peppermint tea is one of my go to flavours so this was super exciting as I have never tried white chocolate tea! The tea itself has a delicate white chocolate and spearmint scent. There is no way you can go wrong with mint and chocolate flavours, so its pretty obvious that this tea is incredible.

  • Purple RainContains first flush Darjeeling black tea, Ceylon black tea, hibiscus, mallow flowers, flavour

This tea tastes like Parma Violets. I love this because Parma Violets are one of my favourite sweets, but I know they are not to everyone’s taste so I think this will be a tea that some people love and some people hate. Personally, I love it and I think it is genius. Also, first flush Darjeeling is harvested in mid-March following spring rains, and has a gentle, very light colour, aroma, and mild astringency. It screams Spring and has a wonderful, fresh and fun taste.

  • Chocolate Digestives- Contains Ceylon Black tea, cocoa shells, cocoa nibs, chocolate sprinkles, liquorice, cardamom, caramel pieces

I was so excited to try this tea, it sounded so interesting and tasty! I can’t say it reminds me of a chocolate digestive or anything biscuity to be honest. However, it is delicious. It has a chocolatey Chai tea kind of taste and is really good with a splash of milk. I can see this being a great winter drink as opposed to a spring blend, but I love it nonetheless.

As you can probably tell just by reading the names and ingredients, these are all really fun, creative teas with really lovely ingredients.  If I had to choose, my favourite tea out of them all has to be Bears Like Marmalade, by far actually.


I will admit that I have a soft spot for Paddington Bear which may have influenced my choice, but to me this is a perfect spring tea. It is so fresh and lovely. It is an all round pleasant drink and they honestly hit the nail on the head with this blend. I can not fault it at all. I would really recommend for everyone to try these teas! In fact you should just head over to the Bluebird Tea Co Website now because it is that fabulous. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Do you have a favourite tea? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love,




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