Sick Day Morning Routine & Feel Good Tips

I am not feeling too peachy at the moment. I am developing a terrible cold and feel so stressed and anxious because I am STILL waiting for a surgery date. I called one of my nurses today and she was very kind and put me at ease and told me that I should be in surgery as soon as possible but overall, I just feel a bit sick and run down. This is what I do on a typical day when I am not feeling all that good. I have included a few tips of things that help me feel better also! Enjoy xox

10 In The Morning

I know, I slept in today… Do not judge me. In fact, sometimes just sleeping helps me get over a cold. Anyway, the first thing I do when I wake up is make a cup of tea and cleanse my face. I like to have a green tea when I feel sick as I find it gives me a nice kick of energy and it is really soothing. It is also full of amazing health benefits that can give your immune system a boost and help you fight off that cold.

I recommend a Cherry Green Tea Blend from the Cheshire Tea Company as it has a really delicate, sweet taste which is lovely as when you are ill, strong flavours can make you feel a bit nauseous.




I always need to cleanse my face in the morning as it makes me feel a lot more fresh and awake. I use my standard Liz Earle 3 Step System for sensitive skin as it is really gentle. The Eucalyptus scent also really helps to unblock my nose.  My skin often goes very dry and dull when I am poorly, so I like to give it a boost using my Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment mask which helps to soothe and restore the moisture in my skin. I also make sure to drink a lot more fluid so that I am hydrated and to flush out all the nasties that are making me feel poorly.

I never wear makeup when I feel sick because I do not see the point if im just going to ruin it by blowing my nose and coughing every two minutes. Also, I do not want to contaminate my makeup with any cold bacteria so I choose to stay bare faced.

10:30 AM- Breakfast


I am going to be honest with you right now. Ideally, when I am ill, I try to eat as clean as possible, however, I had crumpets for breakfast. I could not resist, they are just so delicious. I did have some fruit also though, which soothed my conscience. It is really important that you fuel yourself with good food when you are sick as your body is probably in need of lots of extra vitamins and minerals! I like to throw lots of fruit and veg in a blender and make a smoothie so I can quickly get lots of goodness in me.

Lunchtime at 1PM- Bath Time!


As you can see, my schedule is a bit out of whack today. I am not even going to try and pretend that I am doing everything at a good time because I am really not.

I feel so much better once I have had a wash and a little bit of a pamper session, so I run myself a warm bath and use my favourite bath products. I used a L’Occitane Shower Oil to hydrate and nourish my skin. The scent is also so lovely and delicate, so not too overpowering which is great as my sense of smell gets a bit sensitive when I am feeling sick. My hair did not need to be washed, so I just tied it back and used a little leave in conditioner to give it some extra love.

Feel Good Tips!


  • Herbal tea– I highly recommend drinking lots of herbal tea, particularly lemon and ginger as it is so soothing. You can add some honey which works very well as an antibacterial agent. I personally do not like honey, but I find lemon tea works really well on its own.
  • Sudafed!- I am one of those paranoid people who gets a bit nervous about taking pain medication, but sudafed really helps as an amazing decongestant. I actually feel a bit more human after taking one of these.
  • Relax- This really is just common sense, but stay in, drink some tea, read a book and rest up. Rest is the best way to get over a cold.

Lots of Love,





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