Feeling A Bit Sluggish

I am feeling super sluggish right now. I am in a good mood, but my body just feels like it has deflated. I do not have that buzzing feeling of energy that I normally have due to a combination of things.

  • My sleeping patterns have been completely out of whack this week. I went to bed super late last night and I woke up at lunch time today. I either sleep too little or too much and I am really starting to feel it. I seriously need structure back in my life.
  • Lack of fruit and veggies– I have not been eating 100% recently. If I do not eat enough of the good stuff, I really feel it and my body really punishes me for it. My lovely boyfriend picked me up a huge green smoothie the other day as I literally needed to down some vitamins and minerals because I felt so deprived of something with nutritional value and I instantly felt better for it. But, I still have not been eating enough of what I need. On the plus side, I have been drinking so much fluid and herbal tea which I think is the reason why I do not feel extremely sick right now because while my diet is not bad, it really has lots of room for improvement. I do not function well when I am not looking after my body properly.
  • Time of the month- My period is just about to end so things are getting better, but due to my condition right now, it makes things awfully unpleasant. Having a large ovarian cyst and swelling on top of that due to my period is an absolutely horrible feeling. Luckily, the swelling has gone down as my period comes to an end, but it is never a comfortable time for me anyway, for the same reason most women feel uncomfortable, due to the fact our hormones go a bit crazy and the lovely hormonal breakouts on my skin come about, which doesn’t make anyone feel too fabulous…
  • Nervous Energy- I am currently signed off of work and I am still waiting for a surgery date so I feel a little bit on edge all the time. Do not get me wrong, I still am in really good spirits but this operation is going to be pretty life-changing for me and it is such an overwhelming thing to go through. There is so much fear and excitement and it is something that is always at the back of my mind. I am nervous about surgery but I am so looking forward to getting better. I think I will feel better once I have a surgery date as I will have more certainty about the whole situation, but for now it is a waiting game, which makes me feel a bit unsettled.

I am going to try and sleep at a good time tonight and wake up early to actually have breakfast and buy some fruit and veggies to bring me back to normality.  Health and nutrition is extremely important to me and it is normally my top priority but as my thoughts have been elsewhere, it has taken a backseat. I need to start looking after myself like normal so I can feel like myself again. I have just had another green tea and a bowl of vegetable soup which has helped a little, but i think what I really need right now is a pamper evening. I am going to have a hot shower, do a face mask, paint my nails and cuddle my beautiful dogs. Hopefully by morning I feel a bit better and ready for the day ahead!


Lots of love,




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