Cath Kidston™ Inspired Floral Print Nail Art

Today, I thought I would do a Cath Kidston inspired floral/vintage print  Nail Art Look. Wow, that was a mouthful. I really love everything Cath Kidston- The wp-1489502122778.jpgClothes/Homeware/Bags, EVERYTHING. This nail design in particular was inspired by a cute, hang-up storage organiser thing that I received for Christmas from my lovely best friend Vikki, which stores a few of my nail polishes! This look is actually super easy to create. You will just need a baby blue polish as a base colour, a few different pink shades and green shades for the roses and a white polish for the polka dots. You can use a fine nail art brush/dotting tool/toothpick to create this design! (I used a brush).

Step One

  • Protect your nails with a base coat. After that, paint your nails a baby blue colour. I used “Ferris Wheel” by Ciaté.  Using a dotting tool (or a tooth pick/back of a hair pin) create small white polka dots all over the nails.


Step Two

  • Using a light pink shade, create rose-like shapes on each nail. I find the easiest way to do this is by making small, spiral like motions with a brush. Try to keep them fairly small so that you can still see the polka dots behind. They do not need to be perfect as you will be adding more colours to give depth.


Step Three

  • Add a medium pink shade over the top of the light pink to add depth. Make sure you can still see the light pink coming through. Adding all these different shades helps to make the rose look less two-dimensional.


Step Four

  • Highlighting: Using a bright pink, add little highlights on top on the rose in little C shaped curves. With a dark pink, add tiny little highlights to the centre of the rose.
  • As you can see, I have also drawn little, pale green lines to create leaves. I will then add a medium green and a dark green over the leaves to add more dimension and complete the look.


Step Five

  • Seal in your design and create a glossy looking finish using a top coat. I like to use the Seche Vite Fast Dry top Coat. This will also smooth out the the roses. And you are finished! I hope you liked today’s design! It is super cute and easy to create! Please message me if you would like to suggest another nail art design or if you recreate this design, please send me a picture! I’d love to see it!



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