Nail Art For Real Mermaids

Hello Merfolk! Today I bring you a truly magical, mermaid inspired look using three different nail polishes. It is so, so easy to create as you are literally just layering three colours on top of each other.


You will need:

  • Ciaté- Confetti 

  • Ciaté- The Hamptons

  • Revlon- Fashionista 


  1. Paint your nails with a base coat to prevent staining and to protect your natural nail. I like OPI Nail Envy as it keeps my nails super strong.

  2. Apply one coat of Fashionista and let it dry fully or it will smudge.

  3. When dry, apply one coat of The Hamptons (Or two for super sparkles)

  4. Add a further coat of Confetti if you want to be mega sparkly. It is such a beautiful, holographic top coat. 

  5. Optional: Add a coat of the Seche Vite Quick Dry top coat to prolong the beautiful design and add a lovely shine. All finished! 


I hope you like the design. See you soon!




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