Living with an Ovarian Cyst

I have not wrote a diary entry for a while so I thought I would post an update with a few tips on dealing with abdominal and pelvic pain which may be useful to all women, particularly those with an ovarian cyst.

I am currently signed off of work and am waiting for my surgery date. It is both scary and a relief to know I will be in surgery before the end of the month, but the wait is so nerve-racking. I want this thing out of me, because living with it really sucks.  If you did not know, I have a massive Ovarian Cyst and need urgent surgery but I have posted about that already if you want to go check it out and learn more about what exactly I have, I wont be going in to the details of it right now. (click here for that post)

I feel and look like I am 9 months pregnant and I have actually spoken to ladies who are currently 9 months pregnant and our symptoms are pretty damn similar, but I don’t have a beautiful little baby to show for it. I feel like I am walking around carrying a water melon or something. I am not currently in pain, but I am always in discomfort which is different. It is not pleasant, but I can deal with it. I just get a bit sulky now and again but honestly, you would too if you had an alien inside of you. Other than feeling marginally like I need to give birth; I actually feel really good mentally! This is not weighing me down like it was when I was first diagnosed. It has had time to sink in and I just feel really grateful that it is being sorted. I am very much looking forward to not having a cyst anymore and for my tummy to go down to a normal size. I have already planned all of the cute dresses I am going to wear once they remove this annoying thing. The nurse said I will be surprised at how tiny I actually am which is an very nice thing to hear! Of course I will be swollen after surgery for a little while, but anything is better than how uncomfortable I feel right now.

As for dealing with pain and discomfort, Hot water bottles, hot baths, peppermint tea and paracetamol are such a god-send. I am someone who does not like to take pain killers. I do not know why, but I just do not like it and avoid it unless I am really in pain, but paracetamol has been working well for me if I get sharp pain. It is a lot like dealing with bad period pain. Above anything, heat is the only thing that really makes me feel somewhat normal. A hot water bottle on my lower back or in the middle of my tummy is such a relief. I only wear loose clothing right now(I told you, it is so similar to pregnancy symptoms!). There is no point trying to wear fitted clothes as it is just too restrictive so leggings and baggy tops/jumpers are super cosy.

I can not wait just to get this all over with to be honest, but I am otherwise in good spirits, this is just a little bump in the road! I will write an update again when I have a surgery date. Thanks for reading!


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