Bluebird Tea Co. Haul

I am writing this post whilst drinking birthday cake tea. Yes, you read that right… Birthday cake tea!!!! Today’s tea haul consists of 5 different tea flavours from the Bluebird Tea Co.

The Bluebird Tea Co. is a young, independent tea mixology company in Brighton, founded and made by the wonderful Mike and  Krisi with the help of their lovely little team. Open since 2013, they are extremely successful and its not hard to see why. The tea is beautiful, unique and delicious and I am completely hooked. The name Bluebird Tea Co. comes from the term “Bluebird Day’ which is a day with perfect blue skies. The motto for the company is ‘spreading happiness, one cupful at a time” which is very befitting as that is exactly what they do! I wish you could see how excited I was when I opened my delivery from them! I bought all of this tea myself and this post is not sponsored at all. When I see an amazing company, I want everyone to know about them and that is why I am writing this post! So, here are the teas!

Birthday  Cake


Birthday cake tea is simply amazing and I swear to you, it actually tastes like birthday cake. I have no idea how they came up with this. The tea contains Rooibos, a very small amount of Ceylon Black tea, Almond, CAKE SPRINKLES, Calendula, Mallow flowers and a bit of flavour. I tried my tea with some milk, but I think it would be just as delicious without milk. I am super happy that it is low calorie; now I can enjoy birthday cake every day! 



  Vicky’s Sponge Cake


This tea smells absolutely incredible and moreish which is no surprise considering that it is inspired by the classic English Victoria Sponge Cake. It is made from Ceylon black tea, coconut, strawberry, raspberries, raspberry leaves and a bit of flavouring. It has a bit more of a kick compared to Birthday Cake, but it is super delicious and a perfect, healthy alternative to a slice of Victoria sponge cake. 

Elderflower Champagne


This elderflower champagne tea smells very citrus-y and fresh! In my opinion, it smells a little bit like a bag of jelly sweets. It is an oolong tea blend which is a traditional Chinese tea but with the added amazing fruity flavours. This tea can also be re-brewed which is an added bonus. A little goes a long way!

Monkey Chops


I have had a tea similar to this from T2Tea called “banana bake”, but this tea has a nicer, less synthetic smell and a more natural taste which I really, really like. It is also a little bit sweeter and tastes gorgeous with and without milk.

Cherry Lips


I also have a tea like this from various tea companies as cherry with green tea is a very popular combination and for good reason. However, this smells like Cherry Haribo sweets and has a much stronger cherry flavour compared to my other tea. The rose flavour is very subtle but a very nice touch. I love this tea!

I really love all of these teas and I think the Bluebird Tea Co. are really special. I feel like you always get better quality products when you go with smaller, independent brands and avoid the mainstream brands. You can tell the tea is made with love and the flavours are so incredible and memorable! If you want to purchase any of the teas I have mentioned or browse the other flavours available, head over to Bluebird Tea Co. ! I hope you liked today’s tea post! See you soon!




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