Vintage Skincare Review- Can budget skincare products rival their expensive counterparts?

I believe good skin is 1 part makeup, 1 part skin care and 8 parts health. By this I mean, looking after your insides is the first priority. Good diet, exercise and keeping hydrated actually makes a difference. It is not said just for a laugh you know! It actually works! Some of us need medication to keep our skin under control due to conditions such as acne/eczema/psoriasis etc but in most cases, a good skin care routine, good health and a touch of concealer is all we need! Makeup is wonderful. It is a tool that we can harness. If you wear makeup, you can fake perfect skin or you can enhance what you are naturally gifted with. That is not to say makeup is all you need; a good skin care routine can help create a good canvas. Covering up your skin constantly is not the way to go about dealing with it. You need to work from the inside out. I can not stress that enough. All the skin care products in the world will not work if you do not look after yourself physically and mentally.

The skin is our largest organ and it is a good reflector of what is going on inside our bodies, so I would always recommend seeing a doctor/Dermatologist before anything. Not a cosmetologist, or a skin care brand, A DOCTOR; Someone who is a medical professional who can help diagnose any conditions you may have/help you understand your skin from the inside out. I like to think of skincare as the finishing touch to keeping my skin looking well and it is important for good hygiene, especially if you wear makeup or are exposed to a lot of pollution, which most of us are.  And dear god please make sure you take off your makeup before you go to sleep, I mean seriously!

When it comes to skin care products, I have to admit I am very fussy. I never let anything other than Liz Earle products touch my face and the thought of using anything else makes me shudder in fear a little bit. I love Liz Earle products and that is what I have been using for well over a year now. I know it does not break me out and I love the company philosophy. However, I am noticing more and more that I use an awful lot of different things on my face such as Toner/Serum/Masks/Cleanser/Exfoliater/Moisturiser and I am questioning whether it is actually necessary. I seem to spend an awful lot of time and money on skin care and quite frankly I am not sure if it’s actually doing anything superbly beneficial. Are the fancy ingredients I pay premium for actually benefiting me?

I generally have good skin but i suffer a monthly breakout of acne which is down to hormones. I’ve tried countless medications and products in the past and i found the best way to deal with it, is to leave it alone. My boyfriend is constantly telling me off for touching my face and using so many different products on my skin and while I have to use something to remove my makeup, I think he may be right. After all, his skin always seems to look gorgeous and he does fuck all to it really. Should I be doing less to my skin in general? Today I decided to take a tip from our grandmothers and go back to the basics. Cold cream and toner water!

When someone says cold cream, I instantly think of a cute little jar sat on the vanity in a glamorous dressing room of an old-Hollywood starlet. It makes me want to throw on a silk robe, tie back my curled hair and slather it all over my face. So, when shopping in my local Boots store, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did their own brand of cold cream and toning water, in very quaint, vintage looking packaging.


The 200ml cold cream cost me £2.49 which is just a tiny scratch compared to the £26 that a 200ml tube of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish costs. (Not hating, I fucking love Cleanse and Polish), so it is 100% budget friendly. The toner cost £2.39, which again is dirt cheap and only a fraction of the cost of my normal toner which costs me £14.50. (Again, i really love my Instant boost tonic toner from Liz Earle, so i am not complaining, but I love that this is more budget friendly.)

The Review

Boots Traditional Cold Cream


The cold cream is a gorgeous thick consistency with a light floral scent. I used it the same way I would use my cleanse and polish by Liz Earle: I used a coin sized amount and rubbed it all over my face and neck, paying attention to my eyelashes to make sure it got all of my stubborn black liner off. I used a muslin cloth soaked in hand hot water to wipe off all of the cream. I was very happy to see that it took of all of my makeup in one go! I have to use my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish twice most times, to remove all traces of makeup.

The cold cream made my skin super baby soft and worked really well as a make-up remover. I couldn’t actually believe how well it worked. I have sensitive/combination skin with a slightly oily Tzone but dry cheeks and this was great all over for those problems and it was super gentle. My skin felt clean after and very moisturised, so I can see this being perfect for dry/very dry skin. In comparison to my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, they work EXACTLY the same. My skin feels exactly the same afterwards. The only difference is that Cleanse And Polish uses some more luxury ingredients and it is more natural, which is definitely a benefit for me as I love natural products. Many of the actual base ingredients are the same. I will have to continue using this Cold Cream in order to see if it really does work and does not break me out/give me any issues, but so far so good! I do love my Cleanse and Polish and I can not see myself stopping using it because I really do love it, but this cold cream is definitely a great, cheap alternative. The only downside is the lack of natural ingredients in the product as i believe naturally active skin care is the best for our skin and body, but other than that, it does the main thing I need it to do which is remove every trace of my makeup and cleanse my skin.

Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater Toner

I am going to be straight up and honest about this toner. I can not decide if I love it or I hate it. Let me explain…

This toner does not work very well in combination with the cold cream at all, which is a little bit annoying. The toner is supposed to be moisturising, which it 100% is. However, If I use this after the cold cream, it makes my skin appear super greasy perhaps due to the fact that the cold cream on its own is hydrating enough so this just adds excess moisture. For people with very dry skin, this combination would be heaven. Interestingly, this toner when used with my Liz  Earle Cleanser works very nicely as a moisturiser and I can’t decide if I like that or not.

Part of the joy of using a toner for me, is how refreshing and uplifting it feels and how it makes my skin feel like a cool breeze has just brushed against it. I get all of those things when I use my Liz Earle Instant Skin boost toner and I really love it, but I do have to follow with a moisturiser which again is another product and another cost. This traditional toner allows me to skip that step, but I do not get the same joy from using it and I am not sure if it actually works as well as my Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic.

It may just be a case of it being the wrong kind of toner for my skin type and needs. I need something that balances my skin but this does not feel as if it does that. However, as a moisturiser it works really well. Personally, I just do not think its for me, so I will probably pass it on to one of my friends/family members to try. I can see this being a favourite for many people, but it does not work for my skin type at all.

So, are budget products better than the expensive rivals?

I do not believe this question has a strict yes or no answer as skin care is so unique to every person. That is why I don’t think it is a good idea to get a product because someone you like/admire uses it. You need to buy skincare based on your own personal needs and the best way to do this is to try a bunch of products out. I don’t think price actually factors in to it at all. A £100 cleanser may work fantastically for one person but on the other hand, a 50 pence cleanser may work better for another.

I have tried so many skin care products and brands and my Liz Earle Products happen to work perfectly for me, but this little experiment has made me realise that I don’t need to do as much to my skin as I have been doing. I have also tried a bunch of different medications and diets and I think it is now common knowledge that you need to look after yourself from the inside out for the best results with anything. My skin looks its best when I am healthy and that beats any cosmetic product I own, but in my case, the more expensive products have worked better, but the price is basically irrelevant. Just because they work for me, does not mean they work for you. Skin care reviews are fantastic for making you aware of more products that are out there, but you can not expect it to work just because it did for someone else! However, I recommend that you give these products a go. You never know, they might work miracles!


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