theBalm- Nude’tude Eyeshadow Palette (review and Swatches)

I am not one to stray away from my normal make-up favourites. I know what I like and that is what I buy and repurchase and I do not like to have a super large make up collection because I only like to use particular colours and products; I am not a make-up artist so i really have no need for the latest everything in every colour. I am a red lipstick, black liner and neutral eyeshadow kind of girl and I have been wearing my make up this way for nearly 8 years. Sometimes I use purples and if I am feeling very adventurous, I may use a dark green. I stick to what I like and I am not really bothered by the latest make-up trends.  I couldn’t care less for contouring and Kylie Jenner lips, it is simply not my thing.

So, I am always trying to find the best red lipstick or the best black mascara to help perfect my make up look but when it comes to make up, I really do have a very particular, 40’s/50s inspired taste. So when I found theBalm, never before have I seen a make up brand so targeted towards myself and what I love. If the gorgeous, vintage, old Hollywood glamour packaging wasn’t already perfect, the actual make up itself is perfect for any vintage glamour lover.The Nude’tude eyeshadow palette may easily become my holy grail make up product as it contains every shade and texture I could ever want, all in one beautiful little package.


Nude’tude comes with 12 neutral shades consisting of matte, satin, and shimmery finishes and retails for £32 at Debenhams in the UK. (It is currently 10% of atm for £28.80). The palette itself is very sleek and comes with a large mirror so it is perfect for travel. It comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush which you may as well throw away because its not very good, which is pretty standard with freebie brushes. (If you need make-up brushes, enter my giveaway for the chance to win a beautiful set from Bella and Bear!)

The colours range from a lovely pale yellow down to a deep, rich burgundy and charcoal black. All the colours are very pigmented, creamy and user-friendly and let me tell you, they do not come off. You will need make-up remover to get this stuff off.





  • Sassy- A creamy, satin white with very good pigmentation
  • Stubborn- A satin, fairly sheer seashell pink with buildable pigmentation
  • Selfish- a gorgeous, creamy taupe shade with very good pigmentation and payoff


  • Sophisticated- A warm brown with gold shimmer and great payoff
  • Sexy- A matte, rich burgundy 
  • Serious- Matte, charcoal black that can be worn very bold of very delicate



  • Snobby- Creamy, pale shimmery yellow with light payoff bud is very buildable
  • Stand-offish- A beautiful, satin/champagne pink- a true vintage colour!
  • Sultry- Soft, matte brown



  • Seductive- One of my favourite shades- A bronzy, shimmery gold
  • Silly- A dark, plum-brown with very slight pink shimmer
  • Sleek- Rich, true matte brown.

Its fairly obvious I love this palette. I think the shades would suit all skin tones and eye colours and I really love that how all the colours work so well together. They are all very buildable so are great for both natural and more bold make-up looks and they are without a doubt, absolutely perfect for vintage, pin-up inspired make up. I do think it is a little bit over priced, as you can find cheaper, similar palettes, but you do get what you pay for and it is very good quality. I love it!

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