Beautiful Teaware at the T2 Tea Store.

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite tea shops, T2 Tea, to have a look at some new flavours and just to browse around at all the lovely things that they have in stock and let me just say, they have the most gorgeous teaware on the market.  I am a sucker for tea trinkets, infusers and cups and T2 has the most beautiful collection I have ever seen and they offer lovely gift wrapping free of charge in store, so it is convenient also. (Perfect for Mothers Day!) They do plenty of pre packed gift sets also that come with a delicious loose leaf tea if you are in a rush or stuck for choice.

The teaware is very distinctive due to the beautiful patterns, vibrant colours and gorgeous quality. It would make a perfect gift for anyone who drinks tea and brings something special to your morning cuppa. The cup I bought is actually for myself, but as the gift wrapping service was free, I couldn’t resist. We should all buy ourselves presents now and again.

The cup and saucer set I bought is called the Moroccan Tealeidoscope set (cute) and it comes in three colour options; Iced blue pattern, Iced pale pink and Iced Aqua pattern, costing £25, so it is not the cheapest set, but it is worth every penny.

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The gift wrap consists of high quality double sided paper, a matte-black thick cardboard box filled with patterned baby blue tissue paper, a lovely gold foil gift note card and silvery-white cord to wrap around the box. Kaleidoscope is definitely an accurate description of the burst of colours you see when you unwrap the gift. The cup and saucer itself has beautiful gold detailing that compliments the beautiful Moroccan inspired patterns. It is worth every penny and I highly recommend you visit your nearest T2 Tea store to have a look for yourself! Or click here to view online.



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