Best Products For Winged Liner

Once you wing your liner, you never go back. Unless you had a truly horrific experience, which is perfectly common when using the wrong liner. A lot can go wrong- The liner can smudge everywhere, it may be too thick or too thin and god forbid you draw one side completely differently to the other. I am praying for you.

Winged eyeliner is so classic and versatile and instantly changes a makeup look. It is my go to as I adore vintage looking makeup. These are my top 3 make up products to help you get the perfect winged liner!


download (1).png

The Pen– Soap and Glory Supercat liquid eyeliner pen in Carbon Black. £6

I am currently using this pen as I have run out of my favourite eye product, but for £6 I think it is a steal and I love it! It is super easy to use, so if you struggle to draw your wings neatly, this is your best friend. It can draw thick and thin lines and it does not smudge or bleed. The cute retro packaging is a bonus. I love it!

download (2).png

The Brush– Yves Saint Laurent L`Eyeliner Noir- £20

This one is a lot harder to use, but it is my favourite of the three because it is such lovely quality and i like how gentle i can make a wing and because the wear-time is really good! It also lasts absolutely ages whereas i find gels and pens dry up faster.




download (3).png

The Gel- Revlon colourstay Creme Gel liner. £8.99

Other than the absolutely awful brush this product comes with which is pretty standard with most brushes that come with eyeliner products, the quality of this product is very nice and it is very long wearing! It creates a more dark and dramatic wing, but if that is your thing then this is for you. If you happen to need a really good eyeliner brush, I am giving away a gorgeous makeup brush set on my blog!


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  1. This is interesting from an artistic point of view. Like we discussed, one of my characters is a pinup style girl. We went with winged eyeliner on one of her posters and it looked great. You should turn on the like button too. Some people are shy, but it will give you an idea of who’s stopping by.


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