T2Tea Top Picks!

At some point in 2016, my town got a new tea shop and my life felt complete. Since then I have been obsessed with T2Tea and all their delicious teas! Here are my top picks of all the teas I have tried so far and also my favourite little tea gadget from the shop.

The best tea invention ever. So satisfying

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This handy little thing is the T2Tea “Tea maker” which is essentially a jug with a built in tea strainer, but it is the most satisfying thing in the world and makes brewing loose leaf tea a mess free breeze. I much prefer loose leaf tea to pyramids so this has been a life saver. It would make a perfect gift also! My wonderful boyfriend bought me this when the shop opened and the fun of it has never worn off. You can buy it here! – Tea Maker. 

My Top 5 Teas!

Melbourne Breakfast


Melbourne Breakfast is what it sounds like; a black breakfast tea. However, this tea has vanilla flavoring also! What I liked so much about this, is that it was not actually that sweet. I do not have sugar in my tea and overly sweet tea is not my thing so I was pleasantly surprised that the vanilla flavor was actually very subtle. Definitely one to try!

Banana Bake


Banana Bake is a black tea with banana bits (bananas, coconut oil, sugar, honey, banana flavoring),marigold petals, brittle pieces, vanilla, safflower petals, (Contains hazelnuts). It tastes like delicious warm banana bread without milk. With milk, it tastes like warm banana milkshake, but for some reason this works and i am not sure why, but I just thank the tea gods that it exists because it is truly delicious and 100% a go to winter-warmer drink.



Technically this “tea” is not actually tea, if we are getting technical I believe its called a tisane? (dont quote me on that). But, it is none the less amazing! Not only does this tea look super cool in a glass mug, but unlike many fruit teas, it is not in the slightest bit, bitter. I do not like bitter tea, i do not see the point in bitter tea. This mix of Apple, dragon fruit, goji berries, chokeberries, papaya bits, sea buckthorn berries, kiwi fruit, blueberries and pineapple bits makes a sweet and crisp drink that is very refreshing. It would be a gorgeous iced tea in the summer but makes a lovely all year round warm drink also.

Apple Crumble


This tisane brew of  Apple, chicory root, , almonds, hazelnut brittle and cinnamon tastes like Christmas. I do not even like apple crumble but i like this. I like that it is not bitter and just has a sweet crumble taste with a hint of apple. Plus, it smells absolutely divine. I may not like to eat apple crumble, but I love the smell of freshly baked apple crumble wafting through the house on an early December morning and this takes me right back to Christmas.

 Japanese Sencha


I have a love hate relationship with green tea. Some days, I really crave green tea. Other days, id literally rather put grass in hot water because it sort of tastes like that to me a lot of the time. There is only a handful of plain green tea that i actually like and this is one of them. It is so refreshing and grassy, but in a good way. It has that earthy taste that is pleasant and not like you are sipping on mud and grass. I still do prefer flavored green tea and only really drink plain for health benefits, but this is a plain one that I do actually enjoy to drink.


I hope you have discovered a new tea today or have seen one you want to try! See you soon!xox

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