Hello darlings and welcome to my blog.


My name is Elizabeth Shannon and I currently reside in Buckinghamshire, a County in lovely, rainy England. 

I am an advocate for positivity, optimism, healthy living, kindness, gratitude and animal rights and these are things I really encourage and promote here on my blog. I want to help you live your most authentic, healthy, empowered, beautiful life whilst discovering my own along the way.

My main passions are Health And Wellness from a physical and mental perspective. I believe true health comes from both the body and the soul. I am a future Health Science student and I start my degree later this year! I want to help you on your path to becoming your happiest and healthiest self in an honest, easy and fun way.

I adore vintage beauty and glamour and you will find undertones of it in most of my beauty and fashion posts. You can also find me on Instagram And Youtube where I post a lot about what I am wearing and doing!

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please do not forget to follow and subscribe, it means the world to me.



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